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Some people don’t know themselves. Some people don’t like themselves.

Some of us don’t have those problems.

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Attorneys v Citizens


cat attorneys v citizensIs it true that restricting the legal services market only to attorneys of BARs is the best thing to do to protect Citizens of the Union?

Corporate Fascism

cat corporate fascismDo we really need individual  entrepreneurs, or should we just let government police, and corporations, stop each of us from from doing so?

De-fedding the Fed

cat de-feddingWhy is the District of Columbia’s United States Attorney prosecuting Municipal Misdemeanors?

Election Coverage

cat electionsCan Democracy survive rigged elections?

Fagpire Chronicles

cat fagpireIf I run for office, will an African Security Guard watch me and time me while I shit in an hotel toilet?


cat netwarsIf I sue PayPal and work to make America Great again, will I ever be able to trade on-line again?

Sweet Incest

cat sweet incestWhat is the correlation between colonialism and open borders, and what does that have to do with me if I want to bone my cousin?

Your Health

cat your health

Which is better, the drug dealer, or the medical doctor?