Q-M242 ~

 Q-M242 ~   The Agenda That Was [Washington, DC] – There is a church close by that gives out free bus passes on SmarTrip cards every Tuesday, but they require that the people who get the passes eventually concede that they, the recipients, are, each and every one of them, nuts. Free education from McGraw Hill…


If a veteran is squawking that there is much corruption afoot…and the leaders of the active duty component are not taking notice, then such leaders are not even in a position to call to attention the cancer of corruption eating away at the core of the country.

If the civilian population is softened up, emasculated, and have their tongues tied all while the leaders sit idly by as corruption goes so rampant that the borders of the country are destroyed…while veterans become the butt of jokes, the reserves from which you have to draw in order to field ready fighting men will diminish.