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The Definition of a Man

On October 21, 2011, Muamar Qadafi was shot and killed by a band of supposed “National Transition Council” fighters. The way in which they handled the accused despot was enough to temper even some of his strongest critics. In the latest publication of FINDINGS (Information – Research – Commentary) we address the implications of Qadafi’s death and arrive at an interesting angle from which to consider, of all things, the Seer, Nostradamus’s prediction of the “MABUS”, as well as the implications of these events to contemporary issues.

This article is the ninth effective volume of FINDINGS – our Ezine dedicated to providing veritable information through research, and when pertinent, commentaries in a way that the general public may be able to digest the effect of policy actions on their lives today. It includes the cartoon above.

We previously required subscription in order to receive this particular article, however the progression of current affairs that permeates with various sorts of massive scandals and inhuman activities by others (which we will not name here) gives the indication that perhaps the “MABUS” question is profound enough for us to freely disseminate this publication.

Mabus -  The Definition of the Man



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