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From the Founder of INTELLEXAE:

Dear Members of the Public, the Business Community and the Redlining Gentry of Washington D.C.:

 The Fedex Print & Ship Center has hired an entity tagged as “Juan”. This entity knows nothing about me except that I walked into a Fedex store at the 14th and P Streets midtown enclave sub-district. It took no time really for this Fedex sheriff to advance its inquisitive wager as to who is stupid, me, or it, by calling a niggar alert on me. Now if you don’t have a dictionary definition for “niggar alert” that is the first prompt that you may need to chime, but given the ‘gentry’ and affiliated business entities are masters at redlining, I am going to posit here that you know exactly what I am talking about.

 This wager offered by “Juan” ofcourse is carried on in the no-money-down phase because I survived that niggar alert, which mind you if I didn’t there would already have been a bond on my head for about, say – US $6000. So now it is my turn to advance, and I decided why not sweeten the deal, because you see, this “Juan” can in no wise have come to the conclusion that it is beneficial to it to profile me – as a ‘stupid’ – from an environment of vacuum space.

No. The environment that this “Juan” is in; the environment that feeds it, and clothes it, and that shelters it, is your environment oh politicians, members of the business sector, and dog-walking sidewalk jogging white gentry; because just like Gabby Douglas’s Black father, an Afghanistan war veteran is treated in the press like a piece of shit even though the product of his sperm donation wins the country two ‘sweetheart’ medals, she is still indoctrinated to spurn him, while you spurn her by calling her an animal, and black women spurn her the more by complaining that she did not perm her hair to make it good hair. So it is by and large just about every Black American man that I know is likewise treated in this country. And here we see a peculiar thing about THE TREATMENT, which is as evidenced by your relations with Staff Seargent Timothy Douglas who fights wars for this country while on deployment away from his family only to be accused by this country of abandoning them, while you lick the medals earned and chastise the sperm product over her gabby hair – that by default, those ‘sweetheart’ medals are not earned by the United States, but stolen from the Black Americans, for you do not honor that Black family for its trials and tribulations it endures to produce for you. So this “Juan” which is non-Black has learned well from you, and its question is relevant, because given Timothy has not been able to articulate the sperm turned Olympic medals theft as well as I just did, and given Black men are being annihilated so much from multicultrual and diversity you, it goes without question that this “Juan”’s kind could only be asking by now if Black men are stupid. You need to ask the question: While Black families have been busy fighting wars for you and winning a third of all the medals in the most recent Olympiad for you at the expense of financial destitution, broken families, and utter ridicule, what has “Juan”’s kind been up to?

Let us look at African Americans and “Hispanics”:

Now over and over again I come across Black Americans asking a different question: Given ‘Hispanics’ are replacing them as the “new niggers” when they finally ‘arrive’ will they treat African Americans any better?

And this repetitious questioning as to whether the Hispanics will love them actually comes from a certain knowing of the answer that is so disturbing that it results in a people-fied paralysis about what to do. It is almost unbelievable to them that you whites, politicians, and even the blackified edu-professors would fly the country right into the gutter just because you hate Black American men so much – yet you want their daughters so you can treat them – like animals. It is equally disconcerting for many of us who see to realize how much Black American women consent to this dare-devil annihilation scheme of yours – which, because of their own psychotic dyscopia – they do. But just because Black men in the United States are themselves significant contributors consenting to their own annihilation as well, this does not give a license to any “Juan” who may think just like George Zimmerman that it is appropriate to investigate me to see if I am stupid just because it (“Juan”) mistook me for one of them – certainly not by using coercion to prohibit me from access to a business open to the public.

Chime in to Opt Out

So now we this the offer for you to chime, because it is a given that unlike what you expect of Black American males born in the United States you can probably tell by now that I neither appreciate being fagged up with THE TREATMENT, nor do I consent to my own annihilation. So I am now obliged to at least invite the incident scene enclave community to contact me by chiming in to declare that you do not wager on my being stupid, in alignment with this “Juan”, but you need not respond if you agree with it; because though I neither posit that I have either the influence or power to shuffle up the politico-economic environment to fit me and my kind, I don’t think that am wrong to consider that once I attend to this “Juan” ‘stupid’ wager, squirrels will not be the only shit flying around here.

  • You can chime in and opt, or, whine like a white girl by submitting your responses in the comments section .
  • If you need to see the details of the wager, then you need to read the full report.

You the members of the public are hereby apprised.

Verily yours: Radcliffe B. Lewis


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