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Fast & Furious


A Running Tally of U.S. Government Ammunition Purchases.

It is finally beginning, the Internet is abuzz with reports that the United States Government – the civilian side – is beginning to mobilize. It is not just the Social Security Administration that is purchasing bullets, its many departments. The bullets desired are quite particular indeed – hollow points, the kinds that don’t just put you on the deck, but tears you brand new vaginae all over your body in the process. You don’t get shot with one of those and – provided you live to 50 Cents about it – end up with a pin hole, okay!

The obvious question is – who are they aiming to shoot?

I have my own supposition on who or what the ‘Federal’ agents would have to shoot if the United States Government somehow decides to take courses of actions to ascertain the integrity of the Constitution of the United States, but I will keep the guess to myself, and, I actually wont bet on the U.S. Government being able, if the leaders of it intend, to move in that direction, and that means that the alternative is that somewhere along the line those bullets are going to be aimed right at American citizens – legitimate otherwise law abiding and maybe even the most passive of American citizens – the least of whom Joe Blow activist and pundits would guess is going to be the most likely. Consider this: short of mass extermination of the 2.5 million or so felons, of which about half are Black men alone, it is difficult to see who else could be in the running for a good lead & black powder feast. This can be particularly disconcerting to think about especially now when an increasing amount of ‘Federal’ employees are of Mexican origin!!!

What I decided to do here is to start a list – a running tab of the reports as they come in, perchance we can keep track of the ammo purchases of the several departments. Maybe if we follow the mobilization flow we can eventually find out which one of us will get the hit, if we don’t know already. Here goes:

Entry Date/Time Department Ammo Acquired References

2012 0904 2226

Social Security Administration


2012 0904 2240

National Weather Service, NOAA

46,000, and

2012 0904 2247




2012 0904 2248




2012 0904 2314



(Miscellaneous rounds)

2012 0905 0003

US Fisheries & Wild Life, Commerce

126000, and

2012 0905 0014


Various explosives, and, Solicitation Number 12ANCE00585

2012 0905 0016

U.S. Capitol Police

600,000, and, Solicitation Number: TSBQ201200002

2012 0905 0018

U.S. Capitol Police


12 Gauge Buck Shot, and, Solicitation Number: TSBQ201200002

2012 0905 0024

Bureau of Indian Affairs


12 Gauge Buck Shot

20,000 Rifle Slugs

40,000 223 Caliber rounds, and, Solicitation Number: A12PS01655

2012 0905 0124



Hmm! Let see, so far that amounts to 1,951,316,000 rounds of ammunition. That amounts to enough ammo to gape each and every one of the 300 million or so Americans open about 6.5 times. (6.5 bullets per head – – if you only are concerned about a group of say 3 million, then 650 bullets per head.

Now the excuse that I am coming across from the spinners trying to downplay this latest discovered ‘government’ action is that a typical federal agent needs to discharge about 600 rounds of ammunition each year just to remain qualified!

Let me put this in perspective: a typical U.S. Navy recruit needs to qualify to fire a handgun in order get out of boot camp, and the amount of rounds that recruit needs to discharge accurately is all of Five!


To be a competent civilian fed agent → shoot 600 rounds. To be competent military operative → 5.

600 bullets: 5 bullets.

Do you buy that?????!!!!!

Can your head hold 650 bullets?

Well, well, if there is more interest in this development of national affairs, I may continue to update this list. However, if this progressive conversion of government and public policy into hollow points is not enough to keep you perked and appreciate those of us who try to keep you informed of the kind of news that both the holders of government and lethal powers, as well as the ‘established media’ disk jockey into you to keep you  apathetic then maybe I can move on to more interesting things like which fancy cars make the best coffins.

How many years in the slammer do you get if you are caught in D.C. with 650 rounds of ammo; is it 1yr/rnd or 5yrs/rnd?

Written byRadcliffe B. Lewis | Intellexae Reports Digest #2012 0904 2146

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