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The D.C. Government is currently considering legislation regarding regulating Uber. Haven’t heard of Uber, then what are you doing jumping out of that Toyota Prius cab?

Don’t you know who you are giving your money to?

Uber is the cab dispatcher service that has made agreements with cab drivers all over the country, particularly San Francisco and New York. They stress convenience. You can order an Ubercab via an App on your smart phone and one will pop right up, or so it is supposed to work. I am not particularly convinced of the theory though.

Business Week’s Image of Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber.

Uber recently did a promotional by adding ice-cream trucks to its fleet. (Uber’s Brilliant Marketing Stunt…Business Insider , Jul 17, 2012). All you had to do was activate the Uber App and summon an ice-cream truck to get to a location near you. There was no indication in the Business Week article as to whether the ice-cream was free. They claimed the trucks cost about $2,000 each. The idea you see is to get you used to touching and interacting with that Uber App, that smart-phone program application that you download and use to give Uber information about you using your telephone. To do this, you have to agree to the Uber Agreement by interacting with the Uber App. When you do, you will be agreeing to among other things, allow Uber to share information with “partners” and other “third parties” such as, to begin with the obvious, like your telephone company, your credit card companies, your bank, and then the not so obvious, like the owners of those ice-cream trucks, “advertisers or sponsors showing their goods and/or services through [the App]. (Uber’ “Terms”). But you will also be indemnifying Uber from all liability related to any invasion of privacy, phishing, phishting, and other forms of information abuse by “corresponding” with the third parties through the Uber App.

Oh, it gets better, because if Uber gets their way, they will not be regulated by the D.C. Government at all, and you wont be able to sue them in court here.

Of course, Uber prides itself on reliability, customer service, and convenience, so why should we worry that a great American company with an idea that started in the State of France won’t be there when something goes wrong? I mean, what could be so bad about licking huge amounts of ice-cream handed out by a techie startup that does not want to be regulated by your local government?

I came across an article bigging up (as Jamaicans would say) Uber. In the article, “Uber CEO: Bring On The Cheap Competition”, Business Insider, Sept. 12, 2012, CEO Travis Kalanick was interviewed, and he made it clear he was not afraid of regulators.

“Competition is good” says Kalanick. Ofcourse it is. He developed a war chest of about $48 million to hit the road with this Uber thing, and he strategically engaged certain cities starting in techie home turf like San Fran, and New York, and he now advanced to conquer here, the nation’s capitol, the Federal City, and along the way Kalanick and company cleverly influenced politicians to convince institutes and commissions to backpedal on standards and the law.


UBER, an Under-study in Ethics

Or the lack thereof.

 When Uber got a cease and desist letter

from San Fancisco’s MTA for operating an unlicensed taxi service,

Uber circumvented local authorities there by changing its name from “Ubercab” to just “Uber”;

When Uber got a cease and desist letter

from the Massachusetts Division of Standards because the GPS app was not certified,

Uber convinced the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick to basically issue a decree that the app was certified because it was “under study”;

When the D.C. Taxicab Commission impounded Uber cabs

because they were operating without taxicab licenses,

Uber got Jack Evans to get hot to pass legislation insulating Uber

from criminal conduct.


Deval Patrick, Gov. Massachusetts, Courtesy

Personally, I wish I could get one, just one politician in the whole United States to get hot on the deal to see to it that I get my drivers license, social security card, and passport without being ‘impounded’ for criminal conduct, but even though I don’t think I have ever done any crime warranting the denial of those vital records, I doubt if the government organizations en-mass wouldn’t give me some kind of flack to try to stop me from getting what everybody else has. I am sure the bureaucrat encountered would find some way to think of something. But hey, I am not Kalanick, or any of his rottenly rich friends. I am just Radcliffe of Lewis, you know that family that “4+4=3” Natwar Gandhi, Thief Financial Officer of the D.C., and his company of Rivlins stole about $48 million dollars from way back in 2002. Wait, isn’t that the same amount of money Kalanick used to start Uber up?????!!!!

Not fair!!!!!

And who is Jack Evans, well isn’t that the same politician in the D.C. Council who accelerated the re-designation of “4+4=48” Natwar Ghandhi for another 5 year term as TFO????!!!!

But this brings me back to that ice-cream truck promo campaign that Uber does, and that makes me wonder if that is why I saw all those ice-cream and other food trucks right outside the headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security the other day.

“4+4=48” Natwar Gandhi, the District’s $48 Million Thief Financial Officer. [DC Image]

It is no wonder Kalanick can so boldly declare in a Business Insider article called “Bring it On” that he is not afraid of “cheap” “regulators”. Their warnings and fines mean nothing to him, because

Jack Evans, Councilmember, D.C., Courtesy

the politicians that he is buying off bring a whole lot more bang for his bucks!

Speaking of politicians and public figures, I hear they now have pictures of Kate Middleton’s breasts.

I wonder if I could get a smartphone so I could Uber App a Lear Jet to the U.K., so that I can get a copy Chi?

Why is Kate Middleton not being arrested for Indecent Exposure under English Common Law?

If I were in Maryland and did what she did I could be looking at one to five years in the slammer!

Damn, I don’t have my passport.

Does Uber have an App for that too?

Uber promises to bring fancy Mercedes Benzes to woweee Americans for the premium taxi cab fare of about 50% more. I wonder if thats like the Benz Dodi Fayed was in?

I wonder if Henri Paul was the predecessor to the Uber’s service, after-all he wasn’t quite regulated either was he?

No Explanation Needed

We all know what the end result was. It is heartbreaking to utter; I think all she wanted during those final days was for the children to grow into having a sense of equity for all. But it doesn’t seem to me that William and Kate were raised to have any understanding of English Common Law, its biases, and what William’s mother wanted him to become. I hope I am wrong for their sake, but its hard for me to be convinced that they understand equity when I see how corrupt politicians can be for a Kalinick dollar. I just don’t think any of these people get it. We, the liberated ones will never acquire Security and Prosperity through Uber-like Partnership Agreements. I think we are all in for a very bad accident.

Written by Radcliffe Lewis, Correspondent, INTELLEXAE

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