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The Treatment II

Back in August I wrote The Treatment, where I addressed the situation of an individual called ‘Juan’ who challenged me to see if I am “stupid”. I blocked it into Findings Volume X, published it online, blogged an intro, and got a lot of off-line flack, and at the same time a lot of encouragement about saying ‘things that needed to be said‘. The on-line community however has been very quite. I am not surprised, because I kind of figure that too many people on-line are scared; scared to link, scared to email, scared to download, scared to be found connected in any way to this – this thing – this INTELLEXAE – lest they are found out and then I-N-V-E-S-T-I-G-A-T-E-D-!-!-!

America today has effectively become the Soviet Union behind the NAFTA cemented Iron Curtain, and nothing can be more destructive to the life of a person than being found be connected with those of us who now have the power to speak up against the social engineering and political constructions that are now ripping this country apart. This is power that has not being acquired without sacrifice – for me – that includes years of being socially, economically, and thereby politically (as Benjamin Banneker would say) “degraded”.[Ref].  Out of my economically censored civil death spawns this voice immune to the hostile reactions of Jews, Julia Leightons, Internet blockers, and Hispanics. So if they kill the INTELLEXAE blog tomorrow, block me from the courts, disrupt my access to the voting polls, and block me from libraries, cafe’s, restaurants, and education institutions, this Voice will still find an outlet somehow, and will still manifest, even if I try my darnedest to run into a little hole and curl up in the fetal position.

I get this strange feeling that the same thing has happened, is happening, and will still continue to happen to someone else, a girl with tan skin and long black hair who lived many years ago. Yes, she is what we would call dead now, but the Voice that identifies her soul or whatever – is still speaking, and rebutting lies about her life.  I did not know her before – not really, until I asked the question – “What’s behind that Black Female Mask?” – and then the mask was removed and she was revealed. Her name is Matoaka.  I still have difficulty saying it – her name, but I kind of figure that if I say it real fast it starts to sound like Matwaka, and if I lessen the sounds of the hard consonants, and garble a little then the only thing that matters are the three syllables, and in a noisy crowd her name starts to sound like Rebecca.

Matoaka → Rebekkah → Rebecca

and indeed, she was also called Rebecca – Rebecca Rolfe, – and


But these were not her names!

The only thing I can say is I thought I was getting The Treatment until I footnoted her story.



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