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The District of Columbia maintains a Curfew that requires individuals under the age of 17 to be off the streets and out of places of public accommodation by 11pm each night unless accompanied by a Parent or Guardian even during the holiday season. It is apparent to me that many children may be entrapped by theLetter of the Law under the reasonable assumption that they have a little more freedom during the holidays just as during the days of summer, when the curfew extends to 12 midnight. It is also apparent to me that there are law-enforcement agents afoot who are exploiting this missive of Public Policy with a nefarious intent TO ENTRAP OTHERWISE LAW-ABIDING YOUNG PEOPLE INTO A CONDITION OF INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE AND DEPRIVED PRIVILEGES.

We need to engage immediate resolutions of the Public Policy in order to protect our children from this.

Curfew v Emancipation


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