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Netwars III – The Boston Marathon Bombing – Congress Behind the Scenes

Dzhokar tsarnaev It appears to me that certain elements in the country has been attempting for some time now to create an environment where security becomes so fluctuated so as to allow a slip-in just like what happened during the Boston Marathon. For those of you who have been following up on my writings, the occurrence of the Boston Marathon Bombings is not a surprise for you either – it was not a matter of if this could happen, but when, and all the Patriot Act – creation of the Department of Homeland Security – pervasive video surveillance – mass police everywhere – undermining of the 4th Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment – castigating of armed forces veterans as National Security Threats not eligible to bear arms – infiltration of private conversations using Facebook and other social sites by spies spying on you, and – with the authority now to use drones to kill Americans – all this overt militarization of American society seems to fail on its face to protect you Americans, but only to give more cause-celeb to strip you of all of your civil rights and civil liberties. As I once saw an ad posted on several bus stops, “More security does not make you more secure.”

If nothing else, the Boston bombings has been able to attract the full panoply of the American Press. It is inconceivable to walk down the street – at least here in Washington, DC and come across some person who may ask – What bombing? No doubt it is front and center now in all of our social and political consciousness. We get questions like – What’s wrong with these people?, Where will they bomb next?, What more do we have to do to stop these terrorists before they bomb us again? Why?

But even as America reels from its latest scandal of intrusion into our private lives by this huge Peeping Tom government of ours it becomes even more poignant a matter to note how Congress treats itself and Federal employees relative to financial privacy.   Congress exploited the Boston bombing to do things when we the public were too distracted with the Boston mayhem.   If you care anything about your privacy rights and to stop the ever increasing abuse of us by our own government, you may wish to know the details.


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