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The Three-Over-Easy Factor of Senate Bill 744.

eggs4The Senate of the US Congress recently passed a bill to allow people who illegally cross the border and enter into the country to get a chance  to have what they are taking from the rest of us – the “American Dream”.  They even had the audacity to mention in the bill something called “Dream Act Accounts”.   These accounts would enable the children of illegal aliens and children who are illegal aliens to have a post-secondary trust fund established in their name courtesy the U.S. Department of Education at a cost of up to $30 million per year, or $132 Billion in principal investments.  (Ref.

In a nutshell, the Democratic Party and its senators on the Hill are pushing on the one hand for illegal Hispanic Aliens to remain in the US and have their illegal alien children funded from the womb with college money courtesy American tax payers today, but at the same time pushing for Black American women keep aborting their Black children – with no Dream Act account set aside for Blacks.  By the way, if you believe those senators that there are only about 20 million illegal aliens in the country and that that is a fixed number, with no sex and no children being born to double the number in a couple of years even, then you will see that if the Dream Act accounts are running up to $30 million to establish, and it was voted on favorably by the Senate as an inclusion to the Immigration Senate Bill # 744, this amounts to about $1.5 million per individual.  By the way, if they do have children the account per family is not partitioned, but on the contrary, a new Dream Act account with that initial credit line value of at least $1.5 million would be created for each Hispanic child brought into the world.  Those pushing for the Hispanic ethnic empowerment scheme at the deprivation of the rest of us don’t just want to include illegal immigrants and keep them in the country, they plan to make them all millionaires – using your tax dollars!

Clearly at least the Senate-side of the US Congress is way out of line with the interest of Legal Americans who are not considered to be Hispanics – and that would be mostly Black Americans, and White “Non-Hispanic” Americans who are not Jews.  (Jews are classified as being Hispanic as well, and this should answer the question for many of you who have been wondering if Christina Aguilera is a Hispanic or a Jew.  She is both, and in fact classifiable as a Top-of-the-Line-Hispanic.  She is a Sephardi Jew.  That is why she had her son brised by a Rabbi.)

The reality is that real Americans are being taken for one heck of a heisting ride by a bunch of clandestine Hispanics that have rendered the Senate and maybe the whole Congress lost and turned out.  They have already written off the United States of America and are Progressively driving the country into utter ruin to please another country whose people have a Territorial Interest not in our development, but in our under-development: Mexico.

Those of us who are aware of just how dire the situation is do not get a lot of followers these days because despite the wake-up gunshot verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, the personal behaviour of individual average Americans are not changing fast enough to salvage the national interest.  However we may still be at the stage where the battlefields are still within the realms of Media Arts, Law and Justice, and Standing in Courts.  However, with what I see on public television (particularly ABC at night), in the halls of Congress, and relative to Standing in the courts, the prognosis is not good and it appears only a matter of time that what is left of Black women and Black families will feel the economic pinch of a country that right under our noses have turned from being a Democracy to being an Ethnocracy favoring invasion by people of a foreign way who will in short order be living in abundance here, while families here will be squatting and competing against rats for tid-bits, all courtesy the Acts and Statutes engendered by the 113th Congress of the United States.

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