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gash2Can a Vagina Steer a Battleship?

 Dear Congress

The revelation of the latest Navy scandal where naval officers have allegedly been divulging ships’ route information in exchange for sleeping with Malaysian prostitutes is not only a disappointment, but it also points to a source from which an ambient atmosphere of disrespect of naval and other veterans may emanate. Sometimes I wonder if your commissioned officers really appreciate the level to which their conduct when brought into question detrimentally affects the persons who are held to operate under their leadership and authority. They get to wear khakis and brass epaulets, be saluted, get healthy paychecks, and be addressed as ‘sir’ while they turn a blind eye to corruption – and we the permanent plebes in white covers are addressed as ‘petty’ this and ‘petty’ that, and suffer a life of condemnation – being viewed with “suspicion” (Rufus King, III, Chief Judge, DC Superior Court, circa 2004) especially when we question the structure of jurisdictions and federalism, Radcliffe Bancroft Lewis v. William Kent Suter, Clerk, Supreme Court of the United States, Protest and Complaint for Access to the Courts, filed October 5, 2012, once we become veterans.

This is one major reason why some veterans eventually become “homeless veterans” suffering a life of economic disparity.

When this kind of corruption takes place where officers of the maritime corps undercut their own integrity, and foreigners are in on the deal knowing that the men-in-white have been hungering for their wives, daughters, cousins, mothers, aunts, and in these days the ones of male gender too – only to lasciviate in their flesh in the dark over there – we can see why so many foreigners are able to co-opt the ratification of the agreements made in the Senate by sidelining the interest of voters and veterans of the United States of America1. So they can walk down the street over here owning small businesses, summarily kicking us out, and treating us like dogs out here, while convincing the Senate to pass stupid bills like Senate Bill S744 in that Ivory Tower on the Hill and thereby condition the populous to have confidence that it is okay to continue to treat the American Citizens and Veterans like dogs and eat out our substance.2

flaguniaI am not submitting this message out of anger or emotional uproar, but rather, as you can see by the linked documents herein that it all connects. I would have liked to think that the Navy learned a thing or two from the Tail-Hook Scandal3 but the conduct of commissioned officers being able to manipulate the movement of ships to gain more trysts with yellow-bellied women and children too, heaves great discredit on the efforts of your enlisted class who must follow them. The difference between your officers and enlisted men is usually that the former has a Bachelors Degree (a corporate degree) and the latter does not and in truth I have always questioned the wisdom of relying on that kind of credentialing structure, but everything in my educational experience have convinced me that not only do those corporate degrees come with a certain level of insularistic bias toward European dominance of the American mind, especially in adversity to the development of Black people world over (the people you refer to as ‘negro’), but also in keeping with this, that it would do me more harm than good to actually attain any of them: Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Law Degree, “PhD” – the Degrees of the European War Dances – all of which are purported to be vigorous attainments, but much of which are detached at the onset from rigorous paths of logic by the blade of European-Dominion-Bias detected once engaged, and confirmable at graduation commencements.4 This perspective is no unjustified conflation of the issue, but rather a timely moment to seize the conscion of where the fundamental problems lie that would cause some youth who excels in your established education system – thus being awarded a maritime commission – to undergo all that training to command men and ships – only to abandon all sense of integrity in order to get some Malaysian Gash!


Where is rigorousness in that?

A person with a corporate degree

is no better than

His military counterpart

who is a













The insanity of the American Bar Association’s assertion that a Juris Doctorate should be regarded as equivalent to a PhD and thereby above a person with a Masters Degree in some other field is evident in that there are tons of lawyers ‘practicing’ law yet corruption is rampant in the system where evidence and jurisdictions are placated such as in the case where the citizenry are mislead to believe that the ‘United States’ is the same as the ‘United States of America’;

all these ‘lawyers’ the sole source of attoneydum and judgedom

– and they still don’t get it.

It is your maritime officers more than anyone else who should have an appreciation that the undercutting of any one of them undermines the integrity of every one of us – commissioned and ‘non-‘commissioned alike. Thus when you look into this mess, consider the broader picture of severing the accreditation process of the requirements for those who become the leaders of your maritime organizations from the corporate degrees, because the ships did not sink, but were steered wrong, so it is the latter – the corporate degree requirement, and not the former – the maritime perspective capability that is to be impeached here and – Viewed with Suspicion.

Keep in mind also that in all of these enterprises of yours it has always been wise to allot a portion of billets, credentials, and emoluments to that minority remnant who do not conform to the Standards that you engineer to attain such positions, the authority, and your Ear. It is this allotment consideration that enables you to propel forward with the main corp without the drag of Ear Wax dulling the decisional senses. Nowhere is this more true than in another corp of corporate degree required attendants whom you have given Absolute Power and Privilege to be the only ones who have the Ear of Judges – Lawyers. So while you look out for these Lawyers – the ones who

  • get a Bachelors Degree, then

  • Go to Law School, then

  • Pass some Bar,

who all Citizens of the United States of America must supple to in order to gain Access to the Courts, or, in the alternative be themselves considered ‘Not Credible’ – Viewed with Suspicion – to be put under Mental Observation – you leave the Investigators bereft of the Ears of the Judges so that those who are introduced to the legal system in this country first as Investigators and who detect massive corruption in the other bodies of professionals are left bereft of Standing in the Courts,5 and then prosecuted if they provide even so much as strategic advice to persons who are not attorneys themselves,6 and nevertheless prosecuted and even convicted as attorneys if they dutifully assist your paneled attorneys – according to the structure of your defender services (CJA Investigators) – in carrying out legal work such as assisting in photo-shoots at the orders and directions of the very paneled attorneys whom you select7, for you have structured a system where the investigators must work only under the bar numbers of attorneys, or the police, and no other – and in the process thoroughly inhibited the trade and commerce of the investigators, and the right of Citizens of the United States of America to Choose their own Counsels when intercoursing with the courts.

Thus many of you both Legislators and Judges have built up quite a bit of wax in the ears for you will listen to a Lawyer who engages representation of another without an investigator, but you will prosecute the investigator who intercourses with a member of the public without being subservient to a Lawyer. Bias!

And you call this “protection” but it is actually inhibition – inhibiting the process of grievances, and degrading the ability of Citizens of the United States of America to be able to Think for themselves, and in this way you do a grave injustice to all of us.

It is no surprise then that some of your biggest espionage/corruption scandals are coming out of the Warrant Officer Class and the Investigator/Analyst Class of the Maritime and Intelligence Services. They may be in the wrong for the acts they commit, but you need to look to yourselves to start digging wax out of your ears.

Map of Malaysia

Verily yours:/s/ Radcliffe B. Lewis


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1There are several “United States” such as the “United States of America”, the “United States of Mexico” and the “United States a Federal Corporation” therefore when we say “United States” and fail to specify which one we are referring to we open ourselves up for exploitation. Read Lost and Turned Out: The State of the Federation, Findings (Information – Research – Commentary) Vol. 11, February, 2013.

2Read Other Purposes: The Three-Over-Easy-Factor of Senate Bill 744

3Back in 1991 more than 100 Naval Aviation Officers were accused of engaging in sexual misconduct in Las Vegas, Nevada during a Tailhook Symposium. Partly as a result of this the Navy has been providing mandatory training to its enlisted crew so that they can be aware of sexual harassment issues, and to know the difference between ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘sexual politics’. ‘Sexual politics’ involves issues such as when a woman wears mini-skirts to work in order to entice men so that she can get her way at the office, but if the men then capitulate to making advances on the woman this can be deemed as ‘sexual harassment’. Many sailors had issues with this because where the Navy may prosecute the man who may desire to engage the breast showing and leg-lifting female, the Navy would not prosecute the female for her misconduct. The Tailhook Association is a non-profit fraternal organization supporting sea-based avaition.

4Read The Unleashing of Psychology Savages: Argosy University’s November Commencement, Findings (Conscious Awakening for Mature and Responsible Adults), Vol 13, December 2013.

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7Consider D.C. Lawyer convicted of fabricating evidence, promoting perjury,,

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