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The Art of Transforming Citizen

usaidsealThe Jamaica Observer recently reported that the USAID is in Jamaica busy rolling out the second phase of a project that they claim will assist in developing citizen security.  

The project is called the Citizen Empowerment and Transformation Project, or COMET for short.  According to the Observer, the second phase of the project: COMET II “will seek to empower local leaders and community organisations; enhance relationships and build confidence among key stakeholders, including police, community groups, and key governmental institutions”.  

The project is led by Denise Herbol of the USAID.  According the USAID website,

Denise Herbol, USAID, Official Photo.

Denise Herbol, USAID, Official Photo.

Herbol was a Peace Corp Health Volunteer in Lobundai from 1980 to 1991.

The significance of a Peace Corp volunteer becoming a ranking officer of the USAID and assigned to “transform” the citizenry of an island nation cannot be underscored. In the light most favorable to the United States it draws a marginally thin and very fuzzy line between interacting with a foreign nation in a non-political way, and outright interference with the domestic affairs of an otherwise supposed to be allied nation – at Gun Point.  Did I say the Herbol was a Peace Corp volunteer?

Obviously somebody had a significant personal transformation within, from helping need foreign folk through peace to actual gun-toting.  The USAID is not a UN Peacekeeping force, and the last thing natives of Jamaica need is for a foreign agent to come in and “transform” them in the interest of “stakeholders”.

Needless to say, I smell a gutter-rat!

Somebody here has a very serious case of bi-polar disorder, but the mirror of reciprocity is not being held up in front of my face.  We are supposed to sit back and let this unveiled executive officer over Jamaica have her way until the fuzzy details of the white women crawling up my pants seat transforms my kind, but why do I feel so much like this is a carefully planned massive sex-change project where all of us Jamaican will wake up several years from now only to come face to face with the innards of our colons prostrated before us while newly manufactured “Jamaicans” from other lands are occupying out homeland and swarming us out?

Am I stupid?  Are we this stupid?

If somebody told us that the US is sending in the USAID to Jerusalem to  “transform” Jews there in the interest of LGBT stakeholders, how many Jewish adherents would concede the that?

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