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A Rattle-off to Congress about the Problem with Veterans Affairs

Eric Shinseki, recently stepped down as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs under pressure from the public uproar about the way that Department is being run. Shinseki who is a Hawaiian born retired US Army General of Japanese descent claimed he stepped down so as not bring “distraction” to the issue.

However if you ask many seasoned veterans they may agree with us that the problem was not Shinseki other than he had too much faith in the people below him, people who, by and large are the so-called ‘senior executives’ of the Department. They apparently are so entrenched into the system that it is easier for thePresident to fire a US Navy Chief who has been congressionally selected than it is to fire those senior DVA executives. As a result of their entrenched positions the department has effectively veered away from being within the branch of the Executive to becoming a virtual branch of its own, but because the public was not made cognizantly aware of this dissonance the Department has become a virtual autonomous jurisdiction of state independent from the very elected leaders (President and Vice President) of the country under and in alignment with the Constitution of the Untied States of America. This is treason. Even with respect to the federated nature of the United States, persons who conspire to take property from the United States contrary to the established law or even act can be prosecuted for enacting sedition and treason. See 18 U.S. Code § 2384.

However, obviously, this discovered junta of senior executives have nothing to worry about. There is no way that such scam on veterans and the American people could go forward without internal operatives within government orchestrating schemes to protect them. That invariably means there are very high ranking operatives in government but not in the Department who have the influential means to enact the necessary protection schemes to do this. We need not look further than the other Branches of the U.S. Government to decipher who in government is in alliance with them, and even for what cause.

This edition of Intellexae Reports brings to light at least one such individual and etches out a certain policy document that needs to be REVOKED in order for the United States to undertake any serious attempt to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to provide better levels of service to the American Fighting Man who returns home from the battle front.

Now the Department of Veterans Affairs obtained Cabinet-level status in 1989 under then President George H. W. Bush (41), so as we consider the intricacies of how this Cabinet-run organization has devolved into a cesspool of corruption, it behooves us to consider the various intents of outside-the-cabinet operatives who have been able to so backdoor the current sitting President so as to control him from without whilst he remains unconscious to his own decisional process within the Cabinet resulting in the death of 40 or so veterans waiting for healthcare whilst so many are systemically phantomized in being effectively erased in identity to the seemingly deaf ears of the rest of the federated government, the obliviousness of Congress, and the confusion of the general public who are consistently indoctrinated to believe the only veterans that exist today are disabled or dead.

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One comment on “ENEMIES OF THE STATE – The USDVA Junta

  1. Liam Brent Kelly
    July 12, 2014

    I wanted to address the underlying context within which the failure to observe phenomena plays out at Veterans Affairs- re your trip to have bad knee diagnosed and a program developed for a cure.
    (PS please everyone be careful using wikipedia as a source- great place to begin but CHECK ALL supposed facts posted on that site under any article)

    In order to do that I provide my view on US Health Care.
    I: First I take up problem with old system pre-purposeful FAIL of Oblivious because I believe in the GOD given right to life, I also believe in the GOD given right of access to available care that sustains life, since it is not just christian it is also consistent with egalitarianism, democratic manifestation…and yes as I will endeavor to show capitalism & Republic.
    II: Second I address Oblivious’ career as a wall street shill and demonstrate beyond ANY DOUBT AND TO A MORAL CERTAINTY…he is at it again on the national stage: PURPOSEFUL FAIL to protect his coterie of wall street banker overlords from having to return a cent of their ill-begotten gains sucked out of their wallets via the government facilitated transfer of wealth from the poor & middle class to the rich- YES clinton & oblivious ARE BOTH ensuring their IS NO REAL ALTERNATIVE OR OPPOSITION to the bush crime syndicate family policies which true benefit the augustus bushie war profiteering anarchist clan but also the entire wall street coterie of banksters.
    III: Finally, I provide a solution- AN AMERICAN SYSTEM of Health Care

    …because it can be done and even though no ‘you’ won’t and yes ‘you’ ensured we cannot…yeah prez dude we CAN.

    This is the intro post. The substance will be added in next posting.

    Keep up the good work Radcliffe:

    Semper Paratus
    Semper Vigilante
    Semper Fidelius

    Liam Brent Cealleigh

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