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It is important to know that the United States, and many Western countries have implemented protectionist measures to insulate certain schooled individuals: “lawyers”, “doctors” and “teachers” from possible competitors by enforcing Government by License in order for individuals to tell other individuals of possible ways of dealing with law-oriented issues, medical issues, and mind-molding issues respectively. They then compel the rest of us to utter some sort of usually verbatim disclaimer that we are some kinds of “not a”’s as in:

“I am not a lawyer”
“I am not a doctor”
“I am not a professor”
which leaves most thinking-inside-the-box individuals at a loss wondering – ‘Then what are you?’
And since most of us who may be providing some pertinent information relative to those subject matters at the time are usually likewise caught off-guard by the insular way of thinking, not thinking that the only way the information we are conveying to the supposed listener could possibly be received is if it is first formatted under one or more of those header titles imposed by Western – and now – Global Dominance credentialing systems, for a moment we may get stumped with hesitation long enough for others to add the final ‘not a‘ as in
“You are not a credible source of information”.

We need to get out of that stumpy way of thinking and realize those credentials are solely imposed appeals to authority used to direct the flow of money according to the will of the grand manipulators of society.

Most people who then put out such information to the public simply bow to the madness by inserting the ‘not a’ or ‘not intended to be’ disclaimer so that they don’t get arrested, whereby they use verbatim, the words government imposes on them to use, but like I told the United States District Court about quotes they think that I should use in filing papers – “I don’t bow to that bullshit.”

It is sufficient for me to assert here that you the reader would have to have the intellectual quotient of a dodo-bird to think that just because I write and publish a piece like this and you make a purchase of the ‘zine (the few of you who actually do) that that means we now have a contractual relationship wherein I am now purporting to be your doctor, lawyer, mind-molder, Indian Chief – whatever.

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