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Corporate Fascism

corporate fascismIt seems to me that most people on the street may have a problem comprehending what is meant by “corporate fascism”.  Many people understand that the very corporations that they have to go out and get a job to work for in order to put food on the table have too much power, and are able to trump their liberties in all sorts of ways.  The reality is that the direct rule of law and government is a figurative thing in the lives of many unless it involves something like being charged with a crime.  But for the most part the presence of government in the lives of the people are interrupted by the regulations and policies of corporations which hold the final authority and appropriation wallet to make the decision as to how capital flows from government to the table top.  Most people are in no position to look beyond what ‘the boss’ has to say about what government or law or constitution decrees about anything.  And since the boss is the corporation it is the corporations that are the leaders of the country now, and whoever sits in the top chairs of them, not the elected officials.    This is called plutocracy, and regardless of how the word came into use, it seems to make plenty of sense – ‘Government of the people by and for the ones that are way out there where Pluto is.  Remember that planet, it is so far out we don’t even think of it as a planet anymore, not formally.  The Plutocrats have decreed otherwise.
So now we know that plutocrats run corporations that run us, what about the other part – Fascism?
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