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Accumulated Matters

intellexaesealThe original purpose of both the Findings and Intellexae publications was to provide my professional colleagues with information to enable them to remain current as they engage their work of providing legal services to the public.

Within a day of publishing the first volume of Findings: The Truth About Iraq1, I was ousted from one of the libraries (District of Columbia Public Defender Service library) that I utilized to do research. I did work under contract for public defenders in the District of Columbia Courts. They were paid by the courts, and so was I. I was subsequently denied payments for services rendered to legal professionals those courts. The black-listing did not end there: I was then accused of being ‘not credible’ by an agent of the D.C. Public Defender Service, Brenden Wells, who was in charge of the investigator credentials. The last bit of payments due to me was garnished by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and, I discovered the terms of ’employment’ (if we may call it that) between the D.C. Courts and the criminal defense investigators neither qualified as employment under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, nor for the purpose of collecting unemployment. I was rendered jobless, moneyless, and discredited before the very colleagues (attorneys and investigators) whom I had to stare in the face each and every day to earn a living, and they in turn shunned me for fear that if they were deemed to be associating with me they could be black-listed just like me.

There are accumulated matters.  Read more here.

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