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Are You a Guinea Pig?

Are You a Guinea Pig?

guinea pig2

A Commentary About “Lawyers” to the United States

In 2014, the 113th Congress a move by by Senator Gillibrand (NY) to strip military and naval commanding officers of judicial power and give that to a panel of attorneys in uniform. The bill identified as Senate Bill 1752 was reported by the established Press as blocked. There is a mirror bill # 962 however, and this bill is supported by about 38 senators including Senators Mikulski and Cardin of Maryland.

The bill was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, appealing to the masses on the need to curb sexual misconduct in the military – – by taking that affair out of the hands of commanding officers, significantly interfering with their ability to lead and be responsible for the men under their command. But if you want lawyers running the day-to-day operations of the military you wont see the relevance. Gillibrand was never in it. She was selected to replace Hillary Clinton – – by a blind Governor of New York. What’s worse, Gillibrand is a lawyer, and her parents are lawyers, and boy do I have something to tell you about lawyers!

Read about the identity of lawyers here.


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