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Friday, February 27, 2015 Digest # 2015 – 0227 – 2133




To the Congress of the United States, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, The United States Department of Justice Office for Civil Rights, and other portions of the Federal Corporation


On February 27, 2015 at about 8:30 AM, I, Radcliffe B. Lewis, boarded a public transportation omnibus, particularly a WMATA Metro Bus on the #70 route at 7th and D Streets NW. I took the bus to O Street, NW.

At H Street a large number of people boarded the bus.

By the time the bus reached K Street I detected an odor.

By the time the bus reached L Street, I realized that the odor was like that of tetrahydrocanabinol, the substance found in cannibis and secreted by such plants as a defense against damage.

By the time the bus reached M Street, I I had to cover my face to ward off the stinging sensation in mine eyes as a result of the odor.

By the time the bus reached N Street I was tempted to leave the bus and walk to where I was going, But as I was going O Street, so a bared the hell and got out there.


On February, 26, at 12:01 PM the District of Columbia exacted its intent – that of allowing members of the public to possess marijuana. The announcement was made by the mayor while the District’s Chief of Police was laughing behind her.

The Congress of the United States has failed to halt the implementation of the District of Columbia’s actions.



Wrongful prohibition of access to public spaces

In implementing this so-called legislation, the District of Columbia failed to take into consideration the reality that the public have been induced to smoke marijuana, and, the effect of second-hand airborne tetrahydrocanabinol on third parties. Instead of drafting legislation noting the latent drag effect of tetrahydrocanabinol when smoked: that it does not dissipate as quickly as cigarette smoke, the District of Columbia simply treats this substance as if it were cigarettes. The District took no real step to educate the public as to what cannabis is, what it does, and how to use it. Thanks to this careless ‘legislation’ and implementation by the District of Columbia, men, women, and little babies are now all forced to ingest residual tetrahydrocanabinol which oozes from the bodies of habitual smokers of marijuana, whenever they are cught up inDSC_1794 publicly accommodating facilitations such as public access omnibuses. This pits the healthy non-smoker between having to risk his health and well being on the one hand, or, consenting to being deprived of reasonable access to a public facility – public transportation – the publicly accessible buses

Willful neglect of the public interest

These so-called legislators in the District of Columbia are not the ones who regularly do something like take the bus. They have cars, or are Ubered all over the place, and do not have to travel ten blocks or more on a crowded bus filled with careless substance abusers who wreak with the odor of tetrahyrocanabinol having smoked weed that does not naturally grow in northern climates and are accordingly complimented with the coniferous flora of the tropics where marijuana is weed.

Systematic deprivation of rights under color of law by way of constructive entrapment to

involuntary servitude

These same so-called legislators keep laws on the books, so as to enable others to jittle out hell on the heads of the people mntplsnt4b

who their municipal courts attempt to charge with crimes and prosecute by libating from such accused, carnal issue, whereupon if they refuse, they are subjugated to “mental observation” and are threatened with “urgent care – medical treatment”, contempt, fugitivization, and eventual incarceration in schemes befitting the good ol’ days of institutionalized slavery supposedly gone by but in reality still exists.

Enticing and contributing to the delinquency of members of the public

These so-called legislators may claim that allowing members of the public to posses marijuana especially without adequate preparation to possess such, is essential for those suffering chronic pain, however there is no indication they ever considered other ways for people to injest marijuana. There is no indication they considered the allowance of such substance via tea or pastry. Instead, their feigned law, referendum, act … by whatever name called allegedly allows an individual to possess two ounces of marijuana in it raw form: an enticement to any poorly educated person who would believe that the only way to rational utilize such a controlled substance is to smoke it.

Misleading the public as to the appearance of protection under the law

There is also no indication what the actual language of the so-called legislation is because the written pretended legislation as enacted is simply not readily available. Thus there is no indication that possession and injesting, or how ingested is one and the same.

Bait and Switch – The United States through the District of Columbia perpetrating war against its own people

Finally, it remains to be seen how the Congress of the United States can claim that it allows this bold and froward move by the District can be considered legal when in fact the United States maintains a position of prosecuting a “war on drugs” usually by using the prosecutorial arm of government to launch attacks against black people under the criminal justice system by abrogating the 4th Amendment acknowledged right of the people against unreasonable search and seizure using the local courts to make the end-runs.

The people are being deceived.

Verily stated by /s/ Radcliffe B. Lewis

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