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Attorneys v Citizens – The Good the Bad and the Ugly








The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Over the past several weeks I have been bombarded by story after story of young black males (and females) being gunned down by police. These include but are not limited to

  • Dontre Hamilton, shot and killed in Milwaukee, April 30, 2014,
  • Freddie Gray, chased and beaten in Baltimore, April 12, 2015, and
  • Rekia Boyd, shot and killed in Chicago, March 2012.

That 2012 killing is unsettling. According to Wikipedia, “…Dante Servin, an off-duty Chicago police detective.[2] Servin fired multiple shots from an unregistered 9mm semiautomatic firearm from his car, over his shoulder, into a crowd of people…”

Servin got off, fully acquitted because a member of the group allegedly reached for his cell phone and pointed it him. Many black people are dying these days at the hands of police. It is not just an epidemic, it appears to be a stoking of the people to incite Black Americans into a state of sustained civil unrest.

The Good – People Waking Up

Yes, there is actually a good in all of this. People are waking up. But in reality, black men, especially dark skinned young black men have been having problems with systematic killings for a long time. After the drug wars of the ’80s the police shootings and frivolous traffic stops just kept going on. The first time I was stopped while driving by the police I was testing driving my mother’s car while trying to warm it up. It was an old Plymouth Grand Fury. The probable cause was I was driving slow. The car just couldn’t go more than about five miles per hour. No – I didn’t have a license.


I am a country boy – drove tractors when I was 9. The cop gave me a $250 ticket. This was in the ’80s. It was high. My mother said don’t challenge it, pay it. I worked the money and I did. I should have challenged it. Maryland tried to use that ticket to try to bar me from joining the Navy. Didn’t work. Think about that.

The second time I got stopped by the police I had a learners permit. There was no justified probable cause. The police and I made eye contact. That was enough. He gave me a warning ticket saying I was moving too fast. I knew he was lying.

These stops were in Montgomery County Maryland.

Both of these stops were done without equal protection of the laws considered. If I were a white boy from North Dakota I wouldn’t get a $250 ticket. I would have gotten a warning. I was a black boy from the rural hills of inland Jamaica.

On the second stop, you could feel the inequality. I have never forgotten that stop to this very day, the feel, the injustice. It was a learning lesson. My mother was right – don’t argue with a man who has a gun. I smiled and took the warning ticket. I am still here today.

The Montgomery County Police and the Maryland State Troopers continued to make so many stops ticketing black people, we developed a name for it – Driving While Black (DWB). Maryland had to settle lawsuits because of this. Everytime Montgomery County Police stopped me after that they would tow the car. My name was not in those settled lawsuits, and no, I am not going to try to trace back my now defunct drivers license number to find every stop and build some case out of it. That would be insane. But don’t tell me to interact with the State of Maryland about driving if I don’t have to. I am done with it. Nothing has improved – things have only gotten much, much worse. Now we can have another term for this – “Being Shot While Black” or better yet “Being Lynched With Bullets” (BLWB). That is what is going on here. So now we know the good – people are waking up – but there is a bad to all of this.

The Bad – The Demand for Justice.

The bad to all of this is people are demanding justice.


At first look it is quite a sensible demand, but under the current structure of government and the other institutions of state justice is exactly what is impossible for black people to get. And no – I did not say people of color, so don’t get confused here. “People of Color” are “Hispanics”, brown people, mixed race people, east Indians, Mexicans, American Indians, Lebanese, Arabs, Asians, and even Jews. That is what is legally defined as “People of Color”, so when a Black individual starts demanding justice for “People of Color” a term often used by college educated young black females, that is exactly what is provided: Justice for People of Color, but not for people who are Black.

The judicial and finance systems of the United States are not designed to provide any semblance of justice for black people. The tragedy in all of this is that it is Black American females, and other females who subscribe to neo-colonial rule (yes gay men are classified as “females”) who appear to be most oblivious to this inequality. Without a responsible male figure, especially a black male figure available to instruct our young black men how to withstand the schemes of injustice that will be machinated against them (for the schemes are tweaked with each generation to blindside the generation before to the scams perpetrated against the next generation) our young black men are instructed to engage armed men in such a way to provide sufficient occasion for those armed men exacting the scams to then kill them and make up an excuse as to how the men were justifiably killed. Time after time, the black men who end up being mere corpses are so rendered under questionable circumstances with a dearth of evidence to test the veracity of the excuses for death.

The saving grace of the current era is that the tweaking of the scams did not keep pace with the acceleration of visual media. That is the problem for the killers.

Demanding justice without demanding judicial reform is not going to work.

Demanding judicial reform by trusting in the agents who have controlled the levers of the judicial system for the past few generations is not going to work.

Judicial reform, and thereby justice can only take place if we come to terms with the reality that the judicial and police arms of the country must be meticulously audited and changed from the ground up, including even how we interpret laws in the courts,and how courts are defined. There seems to be a mental block among the people from visiting such ideas. This mental block orbits around and unending trust in attorneys at law to do everything from representing people, to doing research, to running the entire government. Look around. Just about everybody in some significant post in government, and just about every major office of government is manned by an attorney.

If you assign a bunch of janitors to clean a building and the building stays dirty, how long before you realize both the janitors and their way of doing things are insufficient to get you a clean building. If you continue to trust the same janitors and the same cleaning company to get CHANGE that is the last thing you will get.

The same goes for attorneys and the courts.

The Ugly – Attorneys v Citizens

In order to have Judicial Reform however, we need to have a clear understanding of where the judicial system betrays us, so we can know exactly what needs to be changed in the Judicial System. Here then, I can segue to the latest issue of Intellexae Reports. I have written on this subject several times before, but sometimes the approach can make a difference. Attorneys of the Federation v Citizens of the Union is a direct reply to Mr. Alton Maddox’s attempt to gain admission before the United States Federal Communications Commission.

Written by Radcliffe Lewis, Correspondent, INTELLEXAE

Link to article.


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