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FAGPIRE CHRONICLES |Chapter 1 – Fagpire – Notes – Errata



One day I was talking to an acquaintance and I broached the subject of the Fagpire. I told him about this first chapter of the Chronicles, and we discussed my treatment of the gay and lesbian issue – that true gays and lesbians do not exist, and the subject of their offspring are at best hermaphrodites.

“Hermaprhodites!”, he replied. He went on to complement Hermaphroditus, the offspring of the Greek demi-gods Hermes and Aphrodite. Hermaphroditus, he indicated was an intersexed or dual-sexed love child who was handsomely-beautiful. (My expression here.) He was aghast that I would ascribe the legacy of such an appreciable being to gays and lesbians. To begin with they are not intersexed, and neither are transsexuals who are born with one gender and have doctors cut and carve into them the genitals of the opposite sex. There you end up with an XX-chromosomed individual who has a man-made mini-phallus, or an XY-crhomosomed individual whose penis has been shaved down literally to nothing, leaving only this bare meat urethra extracted, clipped, and sown right into what is left of the skin that covered the top end of what was once his penis, and his testicles yanked and excised, cut off and probably sold on the black market. This is what a sex-change Operation is all about. You end up with a man who has a dead-end hole that on the outside may look like a vagina once the doctors pack it all up. An artificial organ with a dead-end depression that has repeatedly depressed using a sort and narrow ‘dildo’ about a couple of times each day for several days each week for an unknown span of time in order for the hole to stay there and for the sore flesh not to ‘tighten’ up.

Some may take issue here and ask what about all those people who are born all mixed up. Thus, I assert to you that unless there is some mass poisoning going on in a community, I very highly doubt that even one percent of any given population of true humans are going to come out that way. Certainly not enough to create a fagpire.

I had to concede to mine acquaintance that when I thought of using the term hermaphrodite, I was really thinking about Medusa. Now Medusa is another significant figure in Greek mythology. Medusa and her sisters, Stheno, and Euyale were ‘gorgons’. A gorgon is basically a beast with the head of a woman and the body of a snake. I am at a loss as to how Greeks came up with these incredulous ideas, but given that in ancient Greece the average age of marriage for a female was about 15 years old so, using this bearing we may hypothesize that what we are dealing with here are tales conjured by, and published among a large society of relatively young folk with extensive imaginations, and a loss of words for describing captivating phenomena. Medusa was known to attract the men, and what would a young lad call a girl who moves like a snake? Medusa had a reputation for turning the young men who gazed at her into stone. Yeah!!!

I have seen lots of girls in my life that can do that, and even miraculously bend metal too, like crushing the guy’s car as well – usually when he smashes it into something as a result of looking too long. Monstrous Gorgons! Monstrous Gorgons, I say!

Problem is Medusa also had a head of – not hair, but snakes – and maybe even the personality to match. Come to think of it, that would be much like an African American afro-wearing butch. Generally speaking, when it comes to interacting with men, many of them really have bad attitudes and seem particularly insecure especially if one of them sees a male in proximity to the female she claims to be her lover. But unlike Medusa, not many butches seem able to really turn men into stone just by the man looking at them. But many of them do have a ‘stone’ of sorts all their own. Butches are known to flash their dildos that they carry to prove they are able to please their lesbian lovers. They seem very insecure even if an effeminate man seems to get too close. They seem to be afraid that Mr. Natural Dick might win the heart of their lesbian. But wait, wouldn’t that mean the lesbian craves the dick not to the vagina?

So there.

Anyway, this discussion with the acquaintance means I made an error in the Fag Pride paper by calling the offspring of the gays and lesbians what they are not. They do not seed intersexed hermes, no – they end up seeding things like butches, which are for all practical purposes, monstrous gorgons. A rewrite is in order.

By the way, as for Medusa, she lost out the day she became a ‘sleeping beauty’ when a young mama’s boy whose name is fittingly Perseus introduced her head to the business end of his sword. It is not a good predictive end for the fate of butches.


1 Saturday, June 13, 2015. Its Fagpride week in Washington, D.C. There are too many of them.

2 You should have seen them, lining P Street and waiving from the balconies as the Fag carts pass below like Roman soldiers returning from battle in the spirit of a Triumph. The sheer number of them is a significant wake up call that Washington, D.C. is overrun by these sweltering artificed-sex fauns, satyrs, and gorgons, all jostling in the exuberance of their lust-laden deviance.

3 I am sure they make the Theosophists proud. Its going to be interesting to see how they solve the population replication problem. There are several options on the table:

Option 1: Sex with the opposite sex

A homosexual having sex with a member of the opposite sex

for the sheer purpose of getting a child to wean into a monstrous gorgon.

5 The problem with this solution can be seen if you consider a male professing to be straight having sex with another male just one time just to say – get a job. Would he be considered straight then? Ofcourse not.

6 So if a homosexual male has sex with a female just one time in order to replicate, would that male still be considered a homosexual anymore?

7 No. That male would be considered confused. The same goes if a Lesbian has sex with a man just to get pregnant. That Lesbian would also be deemed confused, not a Lesbian. She would be classified as bi-sexual, queer, but not homosexual -not Lesbian. She has a varied sexual orientation to match the times.

8 If a female who professes to be straight has sex with her roommate – just because – that is not a straight female. So if a homosexual female just happens to have a little penis pleasure with her male roommate, is she homosexual?

9 So the “LGBT” = Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual community attempts to placate the ensuing identity crisis by having the professed Gays and Lesbians claiming to accept the Bi-s and Trannies. They cover over the reality that the so-called Lesbians and Gays prey on the confused Bi’s and deviated Trannies in order to replicate, but read above – If you profess to be Lesbian or Gay and you make out with a Bi or Tran in order to get the sperm or womb to seed offspring, you are not a Lesbian and you are not a Gay.

10 You are a sexual predator and your now heterosexual coupling partner whose substance you are copulating with to have the child is your servant – or better put – your slave.

11 You might not have a problem with that, and your copulation partner is too confused with identity and orientation crises to consent to what you are doing, because even if it is an adult, an adult with an identity and sexual orientation confusion crisis is not a consenting sex partner, and the lack of capacity to give consent issue cannot be resolved unless both crises are resolved.

12 I recall Dan Savage of the Washington City Papers writing that of all the letters he has gotten from people, he never came across a letter from a lonely bi-sexual who wants to have sex with another bi-sexual. The people who are transvestites and transsexuals are all people dangling in the wake of some psychiatrist, especially when it comes time for contemplating THE OPERATION.

13 So the better name for the LGBT community is the BTQ = Bi-sexual, Tran sexual, or the all inclusive “Queer” community, because Gays and Lesbians really don’t exist.

14 But even if you rise up now to challenge me and say, “How can you possibly say this? Look at all the Gays and Lesbians out there!”, first I will concede that there are many Queers who act like Gays and Lesbians: existing in life without having sexual relations with members of the opposite sex as yet, and second, I speak relative to reproduction and the natural option for reproduction for the Human Race.

15 A Queer that refrains from heterosexual activity is actually an individual accepting the termination of his own line – his death. A Cylon (Battle Star Galactica) can tell you a thing or two about that. That is suicide. So such a Queer actually wills its kind right out of existence.

16 You are dealing with single generation entities, most of whom are the children of heterosexual parents, who are destined to have no progeny worthy of political or economic consideration by policy makers on planet Earth. If the Queer’s offspring will not be coming into existence, you don’t need to account or budget for it. However, the “most of whom” statement above reveals the next option on the table for the so-called LGBT now BTQ community to consider for the purpose of reproduction.

Option 2: Test Tube Babies

They too have belly buttons.

18 A professed Gay male and a professed Lesbian female can both have children without the sex. Faggie can ejaculate his sperm in a very controlled laboratory where medics collect it, and later, sometimes much later, insert it into a test tube to impregnate Lezzy’s extracted eggs. Look Ma, no sex!

Daddy gets to stay Gay and Mammy gets to stay Le-a-e. It still requires Lezzy or some other female – a slave – to carry the child to maturation after the medics take the resultant zygote out of the test tube and insert it into the original or donor womb.

19 So we see here that if a third person (a second female) is involved, like the situation above, there is a slave parent of the three, and it is highly doubtful if that female can claim equality in the parentage positions. She becomes a lesser “parent”.

20 So the child would be born of two parents who never have sex and a lesser parent that is like a god-like figure – a god that is – that has been hacked out of her parental rights. No equality.

21 But even regardless of whether a womb donor is involved or not, the child would be brought up in a family where Daddy has a male lover, and Mammy has a female lover, and neither of these lovers are biologically connected to the child. They do not have a claim on the child other than through imposition of law and government.

22 Their blood do not run through the child’s veins. That rather complicates the family-elder-child relationship.

23 Those lovers at best are also lesser parents. If they then have test tube babies with any other adult, they would be more connected to their own test tube flesh and blood than they would be to their lover’s child. If the lovers split, the families split.

24 To make matters worse, because of the indoctrination campaign of the Theosophists, urging particularly Black females to choose the Queer lifestyle by demonizing the Black male who has the dick, whereby so many of our gorgeous Black females are choosing the dildo over the dick;

25 and because so many of these females have been influenced to believe that a man, especially a Black man is an abuser of women (never mind the bevy of young females running all over the place abusing even younger females and molesting them while introducing so many prepubescents to the Queer fish-on-fish lifestyle (ask Vanessa Williams));

26 when its time to in vitro up in order to have the little Queer babies, if they can afford it, all these females may choose to purchase the sperm. Now that’s a real dinger for tracing your family line – when you are brought into the world by sperm sold to some medic lab while the seller’s identity is kept undisclosed, so that some professed Lesbian can buy it later. Talk about inflicting an identity crisis. But in any event the sperm donor is no longer an equal, but a lesser Parent, even less than a parent; just a Sperm Donor. No equality.

27 Now the cost of getting a Test Tube Baby can be a little steep especially if you are some little black female Queer working for – say – Starbucks. About $15,000, last check, so without a money donor this is not the best option for our little Black Queer self-professed “Lesbians”.

28 Moreover, this option of buying sperm to seed Lezzy promises to be the perfect tool to by-pass legislation of the so-called ‘Will of the People’ by putting the pricing power into the hands of the Theosophists’ Bankers, who can then dramatically inflate the price of ‘in-vitro’ fertilization to control, or better yet diminish and reverse population growth.

29 So its bad enough little professed Lezzy phening for a monstrous gorgon offspring – or rather – offspring monstrous gorgon (ahem) may have to ask for government permission not just to have an abortion as it is these days, but to have a baby too.

30 But even when government is inclined to grant the blessing, the Bankers would be able to exercise veto power through price inflation to the point where no matter how much little Lezzy goes to mind-molding schools, to get propaganda certificates and diplomas, in order to get the artificially created high paying regulatorily imposed job of say – being a lawyer or CPA for a ‘Non-profit’ (as all non-profits are required to have these two veto powered counselors in order to be acknowledged by the IRS Commissioner), if the Bankers don’t want it, no amount of money might be able to roll the bank in order to grant underwriting privileges (loans, lines of credit, investment capital to labs) in a given area to enable ambitious Lezzy to foot the cost for bringing mini-Lezzy into the world.

31 There is another chronicle: the chronicle of the History of the Hebrews, and in that chronicle is told the store of Abraham, Isaac, and Esau and Jacob (modern English spellings). And in that legend, a blind Isaac sought to bless his first born son Esau only to be deceived by Jacob who stole the blessing.

32 And interestingly, when Esau discovered the treachery and ran to his father to get whatever he could get left, the only thing his blind father could say was, there was no blessing left to give save for Esau to be subordinate to Jacob. He would only be allowed to throw off the yoke of Jacob if Jacob dies.

Esau is alleged to have sold his birthright for a morsel for meat.

33 Transposing this legend to the Fagpire we can see a clear deception, where the little Lezzies are selling their birthright (the right to have children) to the doctrine of Theosophists for a little frozen sperm red soup – that morsel of meat.

34 But when they finally all fall for this unwise act and decide to go in to their blind government father to claim their child-birthing blessing, that blind government will have already given the right to grant birth to the Bankers who will retain it. And even when the blind government is all too willing and even desirous then, for the little Lezzies to give birth to children, the only blessing left for little Lezzy will be to remain subordinate to the Bankers.

35 So when it comes to the option of test tube babies, not only will the Sperm Donor be just that, the mother too, having been allowed to have child only under the terms of Bankers, will only be a slave to bankers, and might only allowed to ‘throw off the yoke’ if the banker ‘dies’.

36 The entirety of a test tube baby’s life value will be dictated by the terms of the Bankers. If we all accept the grand and false promise of in vitro fertilization for the human race, the entire existence of all humanity would be dictated child for child – by the Bankers. They would become our new ‘Super Daddies”.

37 But all this talk about the same sex lovers with their in vitro children in consideration of families needing to stay together even if the lovers don’t, reveals the third source of reproduction for homosexuals.

Option 3: Adoption.

End of the Line.

38 The problem with adoption is self explanatory – it is not a natural child. A homosexual who adopts can wean a child to become a homosexual, thus replenishing the political base of the BTQ community, but in reality, this option is the worst option for the BTQ community because it is a means through which homosexuals raise babies provided by heterosexuals. Even though the heterosexuals may lose say in the weaning of their biological offspring, this option effectively completes that homosexual’s line.

39 Finally, the only way adoption can replenish the full complement of the BTQ base is if there are so many heterosexuals giving up on child rearing that the situation creates an almost if not at least a 1-1 ratio between Queers that die off and babies adopted.

40 Therefore, despite the seemingly humongous crowd of Queers that lined and blocked everything from Logan Circle to Dupont Circle on P Street, and equally infested U Street, (areas that only a generation ago was awash with Black populations) this two-legged cicada swarm is destined to be less fruitful, and therefore delimited in population unless strident moves are made to either re-infuse the populace with non-Washington, D.C. natives from all over the place, or, in the alternative, do something else: for all those gorgeous self-professed Lesbians out there to take a real dick.

Radcliffe B. Lewis



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