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rubioBack in June of 2013 I sent an open letter to the Congress addressing the activities of Marco Rubio in the Senate. Rubio was included in the notorious Gang of Eight, a bunch of senators tasked with drafting legislation regarding immigration reform. That group consisted of Senators Michael Bennet of Colorado, Richard Durbin of Illinois, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John McCain of Arizona, Chuck Schumer of New York, and Marco Rubio. What these jokers came up with (and that is exactly what they are, jokers), was Senate Bill S44 (113th Congress) which really cuts a line with me and tasked me to look a little bit more into what Rubio was all about. It wasn’t easy getting the message to the Congress or anybody else. Call it coincidence, negative karma, hindrance, whatever, all kinds of bad things got in the way. I all but got kicked out of the Library of Congress, my portable computer and a sketch book got stolen. Family health problems came to a head; you name it. It is as if someone was in a back room somewhere burning some kind of bad luck candle to hinder anybody who could see the light of day and who may have been poised to alert the Congress that Senate Bill 744 was pure garbage, and a direct affront against the interests of Black America, particularly HBCU’s, even targeting the Tuskegee Institute to try to TRANSFORM that institution into a Hispanic institution by stripping it of funding unless the institute CHANGE its student demographics by significantly increasing Hispanic, not Black enrollment. That is not the kind of CHANGE that Black America voted Mr. Obama into office to get.

Recently I checked my on-line postings to see if the article was properly posted, and even though the article is attributed in my files as having been published, it isn’t in my blogs; not as an article, not as a link, nothing.


So were I truly delusional, I should think someone back-doored me and scrubbed it. Maybe its just a part of the Santeria candle burn religious/witchcraft thing; after-all, Hispanics are known to engage in that kind of thing, especially Cubans.

Now two Cubans are running to be President, and whadayaknow, Marco Rubio is one of them. Perhaps a few more people should read that hindered article at this time, so I decided to try again to post it. At least some Dummy-crats might wake up. Read on through the link below if you care to.


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