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USS Constitution

To The Secretary of the Navy,

And The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy


Re: Radcliffe B. Lewis, Vet-USNR. All Affairs

Naval Leaders:

I vaguely recall somewhere about in the Navy Regulations that a member under your command may address the Secretary of the Navy whenever there is a matter that may require him or her to take action and so forth. Needless to say that at this time as a long-time veteran, I am not under your direct command. I am also aware that active duty naval personnel are probably very busy – as they should be – in attending to the affairs of defending the trade routes to the country. Whether the statutes assuring the regulations are repealed or not repealed, I do not know. I do know that the Congress has repealed some of them, especially after I made it clear to the Congress that as an investigator, and a veteran, I am not required to submit to the Chief of Police of the District of Columbia in carrying out investigative work. So, though many citizens are ill-informed and register as icathy lanier devils hornsnvestigators here under that Chief of Police just to then provide the services of investigating for hire to private parties not aware that in so procuring their services they just invited the Chief of Police Vampire into their private domains, in reality, neither their PI’s nor I have to subjugate ourselves in this way. You cannot have a free country or a liberated one, if a learned man is not allowed to lift hand or foot to seek out information for another man, or himself, without first swearing to submit as an adjunct and agent of the local gestapo regime.

[Cathy Lanier, District of Columbia’s Chief of Police]

What does all this have to do with you?

The rejection my emailed messages to you is hereby acknowledged. It is about time. It isn’t like I did not know that the active duty uniformed personnel of this country are not at liberty per-say to engage the qualms of civilian-hood. Such are the status of forces understandings between military and civilian federal agencies – or so it is conveyed to the Public for us to believe. However, when a civilian discerns that the country has keeled hard left towards accepting too much corruption, if indeed true, then the country is no better than a ship taking on water. The effect is that the fighting forces, no matter how noble in their idealisms, become subject to deterioration at the top and down below. If your civilian leaders are comfortable sitting among other civilian leaders who are corrupt to the core, and they do not call them on their corrupt activities, or, their acts of encroaching treason, then your civilian leaders are no better than their counterparts, and if your admirals are listening to them, the question isn’t if, but when will the ships run aground.

If a veteran is squawking that there is much corruption afoot, be it in identity theft, financial corruption, or the use of the medical care systems of the country to instigate inhuman treatment leading even to the death of human beings – hence disruption of the domestic tranquility in that way, and the leaders of the active duty component are not taking notice, then such leaders are not even in a position to call to attention the cancer of corruption eating away at the core of the country.

So we discover that there are at least two purposes for the leadership of the military establishment to be subject to civilian, not military rule:
1. For the well known reason of allaying the fear that veterans may overwhelm the citizens of the country and thereby undermine the liberties of the civilians, (where case and point, even the military lunatics if interred and are to be interred in a separate institution (Banneker)), and
2. For the not so obvious reason of providing the civilian leadership an inner ear into the standing of the cohesivity of the country so that the civilian leadership dadmiral rogers usn nsaoes not make the mistake of sending the armed men into harms way unnecessarily, especially based on miscalculations regarding readiness of trust; because if the People are not ready, and at the same time they have lost confidence in not just the civilian leadership, but the integrity of the process of fielding for adequate civilian leadership, that amounts to a situation where it is the adversary that will be able to overwhelm the armed forces and put the People quite on the defense.

[Admiral Rogers, USN, Director of the NSA]

When the latter condition of the country prevails, you may well question who you ought to be listening to, the People on the one hand, or, the corrupt civilian leaders. Therefore, if you concur with me that the din of noise you are hearing from the People, be they pure civilians, or veterans, suggest that the unruliness of the civilian leaders are unacceptably high, then the duties and responsibilities of the civilian leadership of the armed forces relative to admonishing through advice and dissent to the rest of the civilian leadership ensues, but if you do not concur with me, then why are you instructing your technicians to reject the cries of your veteran peers?

You can see then why I acknowledge the bouncing of my squawking emails, which you have done, as it is an indication to me that I finally got your attention.

What am I asking you to do:

Thus if the uniformed personnel of the armed forces are not sure what I am expecting for them to do in light of the structure of civilians at the top leadership echelons and the civilian leaders are not inclined to take steps to reign in on corruption among their own peers, then why should I not expect that those in uniform and in charge of the active personnel should take heed to what they are walking into?

If the civilian population is softened up, emasculated, and have their tongues tied all while the leaders sit idly by as corruption goes so rampant that the borders of the country are destroyed, and excessively large sums of money can be taken from elders and minorities while veterans become the butt of jokes, the reserves from which you have to draw in order to field ready fighting men will diminish.

If you are still not convinced that the Secretary of the Navy should be kept abreast of the affairs I have exposed to him via the, or, other equally accessible means, then what is an admiral doing sitting atop the NSA whilst they tap the phones and emails of American citizens? Under this wise, for the Navy to bounce any email consentingly sent to you while the admirals are expected to cede to the Naval Code of Honour, whatever it these days be, only demonstrates the degree of dissonance that now exists relative to the status of forces engagement crux process. For on the one hand you are unwilling to accept the parts of my privacy that I consentingly expose to you, whilst on the other hand you are willing to have your fighting men play Peeping-Tom to the disgrace of us, whilst we are suppose to hold that you honourably serve us. Is that really so?

Nothing in the above should be misconstrued to suggest that I consent to either warrant-less searches and spying by military/naval officers by the NSA, FBI, or their leaders, or that I submit to your authority over me, and any attempt to encroach upon or revoke my privileges obtained by virtue of my status or otherwise as a veteran of the United States Naval Forces, for after-all, before you were, I am.

Very sincerely yours

Radcliffe B. Lewis.



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