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Q-M242 ~

 Q-M242 ~   The Agenda That Was

[Washington, DC] – There is a church close by that gives out free bus passes on SmarTrip cards every Tuesday, but they require that the people who get the passes eventually concede that they, the recipients, are, each and every one of them, nuts. Free education from McGraw Hill aka S&P who controls the credentialing system that municipalities are rated on relative to bond ratings is not free education. Its mind control. What a stupendous way to develop cooked mindless individuals who would then turn blind eyes to the high crimes, rape-demeanors, and adolescent fondling tactics of Clinton Inc. Ofcourse then, she would promise “free education” – in re-education camps. China has lots of those. I don’t want free trinkets and security while being devalued. I want access to commerce and liberty while being envalued – which means to be appraised worthy particularly according to my marketable merits. Now, I know better than to expect the hordes of Q-M242 types that the STEM Hispanic First – Or Else! – programs are intended to nourish will have no interest in purchasing purses and handbags from a Black Veteran ergo Buffalo Soldier (especially post-OJ Simpson) because this is what they intend to keep in Picasso’s labyrinth, so how are the Q-M242’s are going going to be my “keepers”? Isn’t that what they do to wild beasts – you become their “keepers”?… Read more on Steemit.

We don’t need to worry about ‘re-distributing wealth in America’ because by the time the Clinton – Russia – UN Depopulation Plan – Q-M242 – Treasonous Senate Bill 744 pack is done with us, there will be no more corporations left in America and all the wealth will be sucked out of the Frontero-Norte del Estados Unidos Mestijaze (Northern Frontier of the United States of Misogynists – ergo – Mexico) if we are not altogether just nuked first. She only needs 4 MINUTES in office and a small cadre of nuclear weapons detailed non-thinking soldiers from the Air Force to get that job done. Think about it, didn’t Carrier Air Conditioners Inc. leave and fired all their USA Citizen employees and hired Mexican citizen ones? They are not the only corporations to do this.

I didn’t need Donald Trump to alert me to this. What we really need to do is simply revoke Rapist Bill Clinton’s NAFTA.

The Constitution of the United States of America was not intended for establishing a government of the People by the Communists for the Q-M242s. My citizenship franchise in this country should not be relegated to whether I am inserting my phallus into the vagina of a Q-M242 troglodyte in order to seed a Spanish-info-process biological quantum computer non-rated “Papi” working-class destruction troglodyte. I should not have to join the Q-M242 swarm in order to obtain liberty and commerce. The Founding Fathers of this country did not declare give me trinkets and security, or security at the expense of liberty. They declared “Give me Liberty or give me Death”.

juan-stupidAt least one-third of the US Senate, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, the vast majority of the Q-M242 Genotypes, those who marry, tryst, or surrender to being sexually and viscerally involved with them, and the Democratic Party are all way, way off line relative to what the United States of America is all about. Not one of them have been able to dissent in any way to the article I published in Findings Magazine years ago: Meet ‘Juan’ Stupid.”, and we see that even a Presidential candidate now finds that the most meaningful way to describe the activities of our current so-called “leadership” is to describe their actions as Stupid. But we really don’t need a war to combat this lot, we just need to sit idly by and let them continue on their stupid – drink the Jim Jones Kool-aid of suicide by swarm and scarcity. At best, by the time they are finished flooding the continental mass with the hordes of swarm sex birth-pangs that they are flooding the country with, coupled with the mad ones that the Hussein Administration is allowing in as well, while NAFTA-draining the continent of every value, we will surely end up with 200 million third world snowbound Q-M242’s, all so hungry for everything, that we may as well be called by then the United States of Guatemala. Won’t have to worry about Black People then because by and large we will be mostly aborted and incarcerated away. Won’t have to worry about Blondes because they will be rape-infused with Arab flavored Q-M242 scrotal sack issue – hence offspring with Black hair. We wont have to worry about the “country” because Q-M242’s don’t believe in the concept of “countries”. We won’t have to worry about English because it will be a lost language spoken only by the Brits over there, and some Caribbean Islanders, and we really won’t have to worry about much of anything because more likely than not we won’t be here to worry.


Image for a Non-profit Corporation’s advertisment showcasing a hungry Q-M242 type minor among other Q-M242 type entities water-dancing (not swimming) nearby, aimed to acclimate Americans to the idea that communal feeding through corporate giving is better than abundance through family gatherings.

My only out is that I am supposed to go to my bedlam at night and pine away for some Hispanic Troglodyte to plunge my phallus into in order to breed out “papi” and then slave to feed it until the day its kind decides that I should die.

And if I don’t want to have sex with something that is shaped like a barrel, if I don’t like the OMB’s and US Senate’s Bill 744 STEM favored “Q-M242” “HISPANIC” “ETHNICITY” that the Clinton-Obama-Bush-Biden Cabal serves at Administration, I am the one that is racist.






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