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An Explanation of the Electoral College, its Purpose, and

the Effectiveness of the Indirect Voter Selection Process.

The Constitution guarantees a Republican form of government in order to protect the domestic tranquility.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” (Art. IV § IV).

A vote from one person in one state cannot be allowed to count as a vote from that person in another state.  That would violate the “…shall protect each of them against Invasion;” clause.  The electorate in each state is thus chosen according to the majority of the popular vote in that state alone. If a candidate wins in a state, the candidate gets to take the entire state.

The Electors – How appointed:
Reflecting on 2016 elections in the USA, even though Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote throughout  the entire Union, she failed to amass a popular vote in most of the states, so she lost those states.  When the Electors convene they are actually (in some respects) certifying the ballot counts.  This is how their votes are achieved.  The electors are actually party representatives who ‘pledge’ to vote for their party’s candidate, the electors who actually advance to being the choosers of the next president are the ones pledging to vote for the candidate chosen by the people. Now, since the states determine how Electors are actually appointed, the issue of electors is actually a state-by-state issue, not a federal government issue, however each state must advance electors in proportion to the representatives in the Congress (both houses) and the Electors advanced to the selection process must reflect the choice of the people.

Reporting of the Votes: The Electors report their vote (Dec 19th) to the House of Representatives.  Were they faithless to their Pledge (which is what the post-election uprisings tried to get them to do), and enough of them revolted against the popular vote of the people in their respective States to the point where some other candidate ended up with more Electoral Votes than were pledged to them (Nov 8th) the House could then reject the Nov 8th selection and choose the candidate selected on Dec 19th. This would and can still actually be done on January 2, 2017. The Constitution provides for means to deal with any further impasse. 

Electors – Not officers of Public Trust or Profit: However, by and large, the Electors upheld their Pledges on December 19th, thereby backing Donald Trump, but given the street demonstrations and acts of Violence that we see among Clinton supporters thus far, it should be self-evident that it is necessary to keep the identity of the actual Electors, not necessarily hidden, but not particularly in the lime-light either.  Electors are agents of their respective Parties, not officers of Public Trust or Profit, nor can they be officers of Public Trust of Profit.  They are officers of Party Trust and/or Party Profit.  The Party Protects them.  Not you, Public.  The Constitution forbids them from being Public Officers.  I say it is self evident because as they are not Public Figures, the Violent Mobs of so-called Democrats have no bodies to blame and hang from trees simply because they may be the majority throughout the country, but the minority State – by – State.  This is one good way to protect against invasion. 

The Current Invasion of the United States: The U.S.A. is not a Country that has never been invaded. On the contrary, the US is being invaded every single day.  So now we have millions and millions of “undocumented” immigrants running amok all over the Country, stealing ID cards, and  some settling in “sanctuary cities”, something even a citizen fugitive of injustice is not allowed to do.  The current Regime controlling the Administration of the United States supports this invasion; however, these invaders do not subscribe to then being governed under the Constitution of the U.S.A. but now that the Citizen has spoken at the ballot box in Each State, thereby countermanding the “Stakeholders” around the Globe, they then staked their bets on leaning on the very Constitutionally Created Electors governed by their respective States to overturn the Will of the People of each State. 

The US – Already Structured to Withstand Invasion: But just like a bunch of foot-troops who wish to invade Washington DC, who upon studying the Lay of the City would send troops down each Avenue named after some State, thinking the U.S. should be a centralized Assembly of a Congress of Savages vaulted at Washington DC, only to find that the various Avenues end at no particular Center of this supposed to be Central City, so it is they should and do now find that the Election of November 8, 2016 is not a one-shot moment of truth event, but that the Popular Vote is subject to an Epistemological Proof Methodology culminating on some later Date where various vetting requirements are met along the way.  The reality is that the US was built by the Framers (such as Ben Franklin) and the Architects (such as Benjamin Banneker) with the expectation that foreign invaders would be running all over the Land trying to cement their invasion of the country. 

The Value of the Vetting Process: Here in Washington, D.C., the Capitol is at one place, the “White House” at another, yet there is the Octogan where the Treaty of Ghent was signed, and Patent Offices are across one river, the Navy Yard one place in the city, yet Air Force District Washington is not even in the city.  So you cannot sack DC and in the process sack the Capitol of the United States.   Likewise, you cannot swarm out the populous of the Citizenry by pushing hordes of illegal aliens into the country who then sex up to produce hordes of illegal citizens to then vote out the popularity of the citizens’ choice for the next Commander-in-Chief and President, because to do that you have to sack each and every one of the 50 States, and even that would be subject to the vetting process for obtaining the next President. 

On the Swarm Attack of the Current Invaders v The Rule of Self-Determination, Process, and a Republican Form of Government:

It is bad enough that illegal immigrants can come to the U.S. these days and then have sex and produce children by giving birth to the children within the Geographic Bounds of the Land in some State to thereby, like a real estate substitute trustees, transfer the citizenship heritage rights of those of us who pledge a life of self-determination governed by assembling to pick from among us, others who are supposed to also value self-determination to then control the government over us, without requiring the resultant child to likewise pledge to self-determination like the rest of us. Those who engage in that sort of living are not better than those who engage in hereditamental theft.  They steal our suffrage and give it to those who credit their existence to those who believe in ways of life and government contrary to self-determination.  But without the articulations of due process that are assured to us by the indirect manner in which we the People actually Choose the next President, we would be very subject indeed, to the utter upbraiding of our Domestic Tranquility, and subject instead to Domestic Violence, resulting in the Destruction of our right of Self-Determination guaranteed to us under a Republican Form of Government, not just raw Mob Rule.  This is the difference, and this is why we have an Electoral College.  Like the British long ago found out, it is better to cut a man with a dull blade than with a sharp knife, because with the latter you may break a bone but not kill him, but with the former you are sure to splice an artery or two, thus all but assuring that he may bleed to death.  The indirect process of selecting the President therefore wins the day, because it assures you will strike the right balance between popular rule and state rule to ascertain the People’s Choice for President in a Representative Democracy, but if you just Choose using the sharp edge of a ‘crude form of nationalism’ (Obama) of vote count without individuating for each state, you end up with a mosh-pit of votes, savagery, and barbarism, and a requisite purge in the end because not only will no one be satisfied, but no one will be justified in their choice either, especially if the country next door has implemented misogyny to swarm you out of demographic majority without pledge to a life of assembled self-determination. 

Being Civilized: Finally, unlike the dissatisfied ones now, who seek to parade in the streets, walk out of schools, burn flags, beat people up, and resort to Violence contrary to the Constitution just because they lost on the Electoral vote count, it is better to voice our questions, and field for answers, so that each and every one of us can make and continue to make clear and informed Decisions relative to where in life we determine to go. In this way, even when the choices of the ‘representatives’ chosen in Assembly are not in our perceived individual interests, each of us may continue to shape and nudge policy to meet our interests.  If anything else, this is the Promise of the INTELLEXAE Portfolio. By documenting and writing out the questions and reviewing public policy, we are able to do just that. 

Written by Radcliffe B. Lewis, Correspondent.

© Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP, 2016. All rights reserved.



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