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Of government bias favoring the so-called “Established Press”, the Two Chinas, the DC Lottery, and new sexy terms!

(Tying it all together)

Way back on December 6, 2016, (last year) I happened to get an email from my then congressman, Rep. Van Hollen, (D-MD-8). Mr. Van Hollen was the Representative for the 8th Congressional District of Maryland. He is now Senator Van Hollen, and the new Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
(Official file photo image).  The message read

In recent weeks, we have been engaged in an important conversation about the phenomenon



of “fake news” – stories littered with distortions and falsehoods that are designed to mislead readers, which often appear on websites that look like real news outlets. According to a recent analysis from BuzzFeed News, the top fake political news stories generated more total engagement on Facebook than top political stories from 19 major news outlets combined over the last year.
The rise of fake news has real and dangerous consequences, which we saw this weekend during the deeply troubling incident at Comet Ping Pong. Located in nearby Chevy Chase, DC and frequented by many residents of Maryland’s Eighth Congressional District, the pizza place has been plagued by fake news reports spreading malicious and untrue conspiracy theories. The situation escalated on Sunday when a man armed with a rifle arrived at Comet Ping Pong to “self-investigate” these false reports. Thankfully no one was injured, but it is a disturbing outgrowth of the fake news trend.

I’m encouraged that several websites have announced tools to limit the spread of fake news. BBC News has a guide on how to report fake news to social media, which can be found here.

At a time when fake news is constructing entire realties from scratch and the word “post-truth” is entering the dictionary, we all must do our part in reporting destructive misinformation when we see it and be unrelenting in our pursuit of truth.

Thank you…


A curt reply was in order.

If the so-called “Established Press”1 actually covered news without lacing it with intermixed op-eds in order to thwart the Public into believing that independent writers are all bad, and if those of us who question questionable policies were in a world all to ourselves, we would not be in a situation where the Democratic Party and its chosen candidate finds itself on the losing end of the election stick.

There are two Chinas.


The Opposition to the Chinese Communist Party is actually the Administration that controls Taiwan.  Just like a cyclops, a one-party state lacks depth perception. That is on major problem with the mainland Regime’s one-party agenda.

Caveat – NOT SLANTED EYES – CYCLOPS EYES – A reasonable image rendition of what China really looks like when it pushes the one-China policy:


(Image by

Of recent we are rudely reminded that for far too long the President of the United States – whoever that may be, has been operating with one hand tied behind his back when dealing with China. All of a sudden after the November 2016 Presidential elections, because the winner, Donald Trump, took a call from the Premier of Taiwan, the Established Press, the world, and China were all up in arms about it. Yet when Bill Clinton met with the current Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, on a private plane while his wife was being investigated by the FBI for her excessively “careless” handling of classified channels of communication and such, it was the so-called “Fake News” sources that took a serious look into the matter. Now there is no confidence in the FBI.  But the “Established Press” agents have no credibility left either as the people are not in alignment with them. Corporations such as FOX, NBC, ABC, and even FaceBook, all vied for fly-on-the-forehead Hillary Clinton to win, but the People did not elect her. So now they create the communistic Black-List of so-called “fake news” propagators to try to influence us, through people like Mr. Van Hollen, to urge us, through Congressional lobbying efforts, to listen only to the so-called credentialed journalists, while Comet Ping Pong (remember them) gets more protection from my congressman than he would provide for his own constituents who may have been swindled by Government organizations – such as the D.C. Lottery, and Government co-opting $48 million using a fairly sophisticated scheme of manipulating lottery tickets. Now I must be be a kook for mentioning the DC Lottery $48 million scandal. The so-called Established Press will never cover it, unless they can certify me a kook.

But despite their darnedest to try to certify me a kook as alleged by Judge Bates, (U.S. District Court, DC), they miserably failed to do so. So while Van Hollen’s protects the Press of Authority agents who are able to muscle into the dictionary books terms like “fake-news” and “post-truth”, in my congressman’s attempt to balance out the “sexually fluid” terms like “pizza” for “girl” and “pasta” for “little boy” that we are now made aware of because some guy from another country2 but who is in even some other country was able to put together a Website, Wikileaks, that the Library of Congress forbids its “Readers” from looking at lest they be denied their Reader Registration Cards, here are two other code words that I figured out of late – “Bicycle” apparently means “Black Vagina” which can only mean that “Ride” means to have intercourse aka to “F…” 3

Perhaps then, the better path for our dearly beloved members of Congress, especially the Democratic Pary ones, to be influenced isn’t to be Comet Ping Pong’s patsy, but to tell John Podesta’s Center for America Progress (“progress” = “regress”) and their “White (“Approved”) List of “Established Press” agents to go Ride off, but not on a Bicycle.

Written by Radcliffe B. Lewis, Correspondent.

© Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP, 2016. All rights reserved.

1“Established Press” – Term used by the think tank Center for American Progress whenever it holds invited to the public meetings.

2Julian Assange.

3Read Which Bicycle?, at 2015-1209-0000 at



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