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A Letter to Alex Jones

A Letter to Alex Jones

A feasible remedy to resolving Cop on Black killings.



In a Youtube video Alex Jones is seen wearing camouflage and saying that in gun-free areas like Chicago there are “thug cops everywhere.” Jun 27, 2013.


Alex Jones is the founder of the INFOWARS a website that covers independent media. In this country (USA) where one would rationally think free speech is revered especially by people like him, he recently called for the formation Grand Juries to indict people who call for the killing of the police. But so many people operating under the color/identity of “police” have been killing so many black people with impunity lately that I take an issue with that suggestion. Is there an occasion where it may be possible that the only way to reply to that kind of deadly force is to apply deadly force? Ofcourse. So I take issue with his suggestion.

Read the letter below.

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Alex Jones ~ I have learned in life never to try to avoid a fight that I am already in. The police and the criminal justice system have incarcerated so many Black Americans, towed every car in Maryland that I have ever driven, tried to set me up so many times, and so on and so on.

So many of us Black people are being killed in the absence of Due Process. White and Hispanic Police Officers have no business policing Black communities. Having them police us under the excuse that unruly Black American individuals are killing us too, is not the answer. Such unruly Black Americans are themselves misguided by whites using the education system. Black people must police Black people, just as Whites police Whites, Hispanics, Hispanics, and Asians, Asians, but it begins with Black people policing the education system – a system designed by Whites to obfuscate the records of the past to ingrain into the minds of susceptible and vulnerable pupils the impression that Black people have no history, so that economic benefits go to Whites at the expense of Blacks.

I have learned in my life to not depend on any police officer whatsoever at all to protect me or perform any viable service for me. Black people are all but defeated because over time the capabilities of Black people have been degraded to the point where Black people cannot even say confidently like you, “We got the guns.”

We are being systematically degraded down to absolutely nothing, and every traffic stop these days amounts to a very high probability, not of being ticketed and towed like in the good old days, but of being shot to death. 200 deaths per year is 200 too much. The objective is Zero. If we have to erase the country to do that, then so be it. Yet, you are correct in your opines that this carefully managed statistic of killing us is all but an attempt to fragment the country by exploiting the racism that is inherent in the country. It is the weakest link. However your solution to try to criminalize those of us who proffer a certain remedy only exacerbates the situation. You call for Grand Juries to indict people who call for killing police. I now opine to you that the best remedy to stop the police from killing Black people is for Black people to develop replies to the unnecessary killing of Black people by killing any person donning police uniforms and engaging such acts with brazen impunity. Kill them back. They bleed. I bet those racist KKK hirelings that local communities hire to “police” black people will think twice if they realize that Black people will put a death warrant on their heads if the only way they can find to do “police” work is to kill a Black man – especially an un-armed Black man. It is not a crime to meet force with force in self defense. We Black people cannot depend on you White people to defend us. Kill them. Shoot back. It is better to be judged by a jury of 12 Black people than to be carried by six people after being stomped by two ugly racist-terrorist impostors masquerading as police and being shot to death like cattle in the field being sacrificed for Satanic slaughter. Black people in this country are not being citizened, we are being grazed. We are supposed to remain unarmed, docile, and submissive – while the Japanese Self Defense Force has the second largest Navy in the world.


The Department of Homeland Security is reputed to have purchased hollow-point bullets1, but Obama et al wants to ban assault weapons while you “got the guns”.

You want us to bring our bare hands in handcuffs to a room full of gun toting cops, ISIS refugee-terrorists, racist police-terrorists, DHS hollow-point toters, military assault weapons toters, and rednecks in the hills who “got the guns”, but we are the ones who are to be Grand Juried if we say kill any racist terrorist-police that shoots at us and denounce their false and fraudulent claim of badge authority. Where they do that at?

But just like a nail lodged in the brain, real cops police behind the ‘blue line’ cannot detect that such a racist terrorist is not cop-matter. In truth, the unity between Blacks and Whites was long over the day OJ Simpson was exonerated in a court of law. That Black male was a White selected jerk. After the verdict he still went out with White females. He was prosecuted because the white female whose drug bill he had to foot was sliced all up right along with her latest suitor when he stopped paying the drug man. The moment he stopped paying the bills she was a walking dead whore. Nobody seemed to have investigated the drug connections to haul the drug pushers to court. Instead, White America opted for having OJ the SIMP go down with his White Female ship! [Dred Scott].

I, and most Black people would care less if he was convicted using Due Process. The amazing thing about the case is he actually got Due Process and representation. That was unheard of. Then the icing on the cake for him was acquittal. In retaliation, White people made sure to write off the future of every Black heterosexual male they could, to render us poor, destitute, and our Black women despising us. Now they pursue being the sex-slaves of Whites.

Keep thinking Blackie is going to stay stupid, and fear the Grand Juries that can’t even indict an Indian Arab-Pakistani pilfering information through remote servers. Save the Grand Juries for the hordes of troglodytes violating the borders to sex-up-the-country with seedling droplets of illegal citizens. Prosecute that. It is in White people’s interests to tell their clandestine sleeper agent racist terrorists to stop killing us by tarring and feathering the otherwise supposed to be honorable police professions by taking up positions lodged behind the ‘blue wall’, lest they remain silent and complicit with it only to find their White family members being the targets for the ensuing replies from these rounds of demonic killings. Maybe the only way Black lives will matter is if we start to make it so that White lives don’t matter. The Arabs may just want to rape your daughters, but we get more satisfaction out of killing your sons. So no matter how you look at it sir, the true remedy, the only viable remedy, is to kill the cops who are racist terrorist killer cops – killing Black people for no reason other than that the terrorists are fat with authority that they have no business possessing in the first place.

Written by Radcliffe B. Lewis, Correspondent.

© Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP, 2016. All rights reserved.

1… and if that is fake news, they are doing nothing in particular to refute it…



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