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LITMUS TEST – Holding Trump to His Campaign Promises on Corruption, Homelessness, and Killer Cops


Holding Trump to His Campaign Promises on Corruption, Homelessness, and Killer Cops

donald_trump_official_portrait_cropped-bwI endorsed Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States primarily because the previous President (Obama) did nothing to reign in on white-collar crime.  The one before that (Bush) couldn’t care less about what happens to Black people, and under his regime, the DHHS implemented the decisions of a ‘work group’ as an action plan aimed to destroy Black people.  They called it “Ending Chronic Homelessness Strategies for Action – the Ten Year Plan.”  I call this action plan the ECH. No amount of oversight, review, legislation, policy changes elsewhere, or filed grievance seemed to be able to stop the implementation of this plan. It is the De-facto Law of the Land when it comes to the socio-economic related government affairs of the country – from availability of housing and community development, to unemployment and welfare benefits. Hillary Clinton offered no promise whatsoever at all to reign in on either white-collar crime, or the ECH. (Donald J. Trump. Official Photo).

It remains to be seen if Donald Trump will follow through on reigning in blatant white-collar crime – such as the manipulations of the December 11, 1999 Powerball lottery-game round by the District of Columbia, the DC Lottery, and Natwar Gandhi of the DC Lottery, or on that draconian ECH. If, under a new president, government, non-profits, and their minions are able to continue to cash in on the artificially contrived belief (Department of Education) that Black people who are redlined into financial destitution are all prone to being drug addicts, and that “homeless” people are either any of the two following: drug addicts – mentally disabled – physically disabled – – Any Two – – then whoever that President is becomes not a solution, not the Authority of the internal workings of the country, but a part of the problem.  Therefore, if Donald Trump is not able to look seriously at these two issues in the first few days in office then we end up with a situation where the man operating as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America is the enemy of Black People, and of Veterans.  Veterans have been grafted into this group to the point where the only veterans of the US armed forces that the public can envision these days are disabled veterans – unless the veteran is a flag or para-flag ranked officer (command level/scrambled eggs) who left the armed forces with so much money he can put together organizations like Black Water, or buy an island or something. The Public is just not able to accept the idea of an American Veteran who is not a sick individual.  So your basic low-level veteran like me who completed the first 8-year contract and got the “Honorable Discharge” and tried to play the college-student game and move on to build a life, we are regarded as a bunch of nuts, and “viewed with suspicion” (Rufus King, Chief Judge, DC Superior Court, circa 2004) if we insist we are not drug addicts, and not disabled.  

Just as being an immigrant, the two most popular questions I hear from native-born Americans are: (1) Where are you from?, and (2) When are you going back?, I have had seasoned legal professionals, upon knowing that I am “Honorably Discharged” from the US Armed Forces ask me: Why did you get out and not stay in? And, What did you do so you can’t go back?

The military advertised to young men to serve a few years active and get assistance with going to college and a home/business-loan guarantee.  They never advertised that we should stay 20 years, living in a democratic society but having to salute people for the rest of our lives, fall on grenades when ordered without hesitation, and then become disabled or die.  I followed through on the contract as advertised and agreed on by both parties, and was wise enough not repeat.  I got the college aid and tried to apply it, and I got the home/business-loan guarantee, but thanks to corruption and tolerance for white-collar crime, the college funding was moderated, and so far I have not applied the home/business-loan guarantee to anything. The only thing it guarantees is a promise to swindlers that if they can find innovative ways to dupe veterans into signing on to mortgages they cannot pay, then it is the swindlers that get paid. As for the veteran, he ends up homeless. So I walked away from the college funding debt conversion bait trap, and I never used the home loan guarantee. What made it worse was the loan-guarantee actually turned into a home-only loan-guarantee not to be used for business (my original intention) but veterans were not consulted when VA decided to renege on its promise there.

Nevertheless, this answer (which I should never have to be explaining even here) is not acceptable to the public. Its not because its the truth, or because the public and professionals don’t know it is the truth. Its because the public has long been conditioned to look down on the young men, and women, who dare to take up the battle axe to fight for self-determination. They are seen as indolent-minded idiot-savants who blindly follow the political manipulators who regularly plunder society using positions of power and influence. That’s all. This did not start with the contemporary era. As I explained in a video, the VA’s own motto, allegedly taken from Lincoln is “to take care of him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and for his orphan.” [3]. Live veterans don’t have widows and orphans, dead ones do, so now we know the true intent of VA, because they wont change the motto either.

So now that we see that the US has been advocating the killing of military and naval veterans, but nobody has been going to prison, what about racist-terrorists infiltrating the ‘blue line’ and killing black people while wearing the uniform of police officers. Well, there are a whole bunch of people who turn a blind eye to these killer-cops, accept them as cops, and want to prosecute or kill those who dare to speak against them. As for Donald Trump, if I am not mistaken, he claimed in his campaign that he wants more cops on the street, and he doesn’t seem to get it that stop-and-frisk is a death-knell for the relationship between Cops and Black people. The incoming President’s ability to grasp and negotiate this latter matter, and to stem the blood-letting of Blacks by cops, may be the most important issues, yet, relative to the stability of the country, and his legacy.

Written by Radcliffe B. Lewis, Correspondent.

© Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP, 2016. All rights reserved.


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