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The 45th President of the United States was sworn in on January 20, 2017. Three days later I received an email from one, Tim Edwards of a company or cell called FedGovConnect.Org asking me for a corporate disclosure of my business. He claimed there are thousands of federal contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars in the Washington Area available for me to bid on over the next 6 months. He provided detailed registration information about my business and promised that if I provided him my company’s capabilities he would assist me in bidding on the contracts. Sounds great, huh!

I was obliged to reply, and I did.


To: Tim Edwards, Small Business Specialistfedgovconect

Mail to: 1201 Orange St. STE 600,
One Commerce Center, Wilmington, DE 19801

Tel: 888-299-4498 Ext: 8003

Mr. Edwards: Thank you for your interest in Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP.

I understand that there are 2380 federal contracts valued at $916,197,232.94. These numbers are impressive and speak volumes to the potential value of those who engage that market. At an 82% match, such numbers liberally suggest a maximum market accessible by this Firm comprises of not less than $751,281,731.01. Even a one percent access of that would be a tremendous achievement for the Firm. Your services therefore would be highly appreciated if they could be directed toward assisting this Firm in accessing the consulting market. Your goal of having some of those contracts set aside for firms like ours is admirable.

However, if the qualifications-set of this Firm were equally viewed as admirable by policy makers, by now we should have had some access. But, unfortunately (which means ‘without conscience) the previous Administration of the United States has not been keen to recognize veteran-owned businesses like Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP and has worked to remove the idea of proprietorships from the mind of the Public. Consequently, the Firm remains small, and, like many others in that Movement, we have taken such action as we can to have the Head of Government manned by individuals who are more respectful of entrepreneurship than of lawyers registered with illegal and undocumented courts in order to strip consultants of every venue for research and investigation assignments and provide such market access to the lawyers only. Thus, for example –

  • The D.C. Superior Court in particular has made it illegal for what they call ‘non-attorneys’ to provide litigation support even in cases of administrative law
  • Corporate Officers in the District of Columbia are no longer allowed to represent their own corporations unless the individual corporate officer is himself or herself an officer of some court, and
  • in Maryland, notarios who used to assist mostly Hispanic immigrants in preparing legal documents are profiled as unscrupulous by the State’s government without veritable proof that they are more unscrupulous than the hordes of registered lawyers the State then protects; and people can be criminalized there as well for “preparing legal documents” for other adults, even if such an adult determines for him or her self that he or she consents to being assisted by the notario or a citizen of state in the preparation of his or her legal business documents.

Whenever I put these matters before courts and lawyers, their default reply is that the Congress protects them under the Commerce Clause. The only ‘commerce clause’ I can find that may empower the Congress to protect or be biased toward anybody is at Art. I, § 8-3. Somehow that clause is leaned upon as the basis for Congress to interfere not just with the business of the courts, but with all aspects of commerce relative to people, businesses, and government agencies that may need consultation even in business outside the courts. Therefore when you send me an email suggesting that I, according to my registered profile, appear to be eligible to receive consulting contracts, and that I may qualify for small, local set-asides, given the degree to which the local governments and the State of Maryland breaths down my back with a snide grin and handcuffs ready to throw me into chattel slavery if I dare to even think about it, or even recommend a lawyer, your letter comes off in the light most favorable to you as the height of ignorance, and in the light least favorable to you, as a patsy devised to set me up.

Consulting by my Firm is only offered these days to private and confidential citizens dealing with computer maintenance, and consulting in business strategy, administration, or ‘helping to prepare legal papers’ is only offered in the form of a blog post at INTELLEXAE. There are a few tail-end private clients that I am still working with from the good old days before the D.C. Bar Counsel prosecuted career consultants assisting clients. Since those projects got underway before THE PERSECUTION OF CONSULTANTS I still feel ethically obligated in some way not to leave my clients to dry-out in the desert of non-advice, so I proceed in what way I think I can. As for government agencies, needless to say, consulting for, and getting paid by them right now is a very big NO-NO.

Until we “Drain the Swamp” this is the way it is, and despite the rapid actions underway by the Honorable Donald J. Trump and his Administration, it is still going to take some time before it filters down to the point where confidence in engaging commerce by the American Citizen and Veteran is restored, and even then, preparation is necessary so that even if the Firm does engage in the bidding processes of the market that you see, the Firm does not flop.

You can keep me posted on your virtuous mission by email to

Please feel free to share this letter with whomever you deem relevant as you seem fit, but please respect the Firm’s publishing rights.

Sincerely and respectfully

/s/ Radcliffe B. Lewis

cc: Congress, Maryland Senate, DC Government

(c) Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP



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