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What do you do when you find a bunch of ugly black African males getting off on watching and timing you while you are taking a shit?

Well why, write a letter to the owner of the ceramic goddess ofcourse!


Radcliffe B. Lewisrenaissance
Tuesday, June 6, 2017

To: Mr. J.W. Marriott, Jr., Executive Chairman
Marriott International

Re: Security at the Renaissance Hotel,999
Ninth Street, Washington, DC 20001

Mr. Marriott:

Today just after 3pm I went to the hotel indicated above to go to the post office. There inside the post office, I purchased stamps to mail off some letters.

At about 3:18 pm I left the post office and
needed to use the bathroom, so I went to the nearest bathroom which was on the same floor instead of one on the ground floor.

While I was on the stall I heard someone come in and out several times, and the sounds accompanying that person indicated to me that more likely than not it was a janitor. I was on the commode for several minutes and when I exited the commode, surely enough there was a janitor with two rolls of toilet paper in his hands. We exchanged salutations and I proceeded to the sink to wash my hands, and he did whatever he had to do and exited the bathroom. After I washed my hands, I proceeded to comb my hair, and another person came into the bathroom. I minded my business and combed my hair, and that person left. Then after about another minute or so, I proceeded to exit the bathroom.

As soon as I opened the door I saw two security personnel, a white male wearing a white shirt and a colored male (probably a QM242) wearing a blue shirt. The white male asked me if I was a guest of the hotel. I immediately explained to him that I just went to the post office and then needed to get to the bathroom.

The white male indicated the bathroom was reserved in some way, and I informed him ren post office receiptthat I did not know, but that I went to the post office and then needed to use the bathroom , but that I will keep that information under advisement and use the bathroom upstairs if I come to use the post office and need to use the bathroom, and with that, politely excused myself.

When I went upstairs I saw the janitor that I saw in the bathroom standing with two other males who appeared to be employees of the hotel in some capacity, and who appeared to be of Southern African origin, and all three of them gave me that peculiar corner-eyed stare. I minded my business and exited the premises using the exit available by going through the Starbucks restaurant.

This is not the first time I was accosted by the white male in the white security shirt. Last year while I was sitting in the lobby he came to me and asked me the same question – if I am a guest in the hotel. I explained to him that I was a client of the Starbucks restaurant as evidenced by the Starbucks coffee cup I was drinking out of, and though the Starbucks was closed by that time (after 8pm) I was with an acquaintance working on some Mathematics problems, but that I was preparing to leave as soon as the acquaintance returned from the bathroom. The white male accused me of “camping” and told me to exit the premises in five minutes. I did not argue because I intended to leave within five minutes anyway. Now I do not recall the exact date, and as I have so many other matters to attend to, I let the matter be, but just never again purchased anything out of that Starbucks. No point spending close to $200 per quarter in Starbucks to then be accused of “camping” in a hotel lobby.
[Cc: Renaissance, Starbucks, Vt. Vernon Place UMC, Asbury UMC]

Interestingly, after that, the hours of that Starbucks increased to now close at 10pm, but Starbucks seems to have other issues which induces me to not be a patron of any Starbucks. [Cc: OAG].

In fact, there are several companies or groups in and about this city, Washington, DC, that seems to have issues with certain patrons, namely – Black Male Heterosexual non-drug using ones like me, and policies executed over time seem to reflect their discomfort with people like me, or maybe just me, even though I become some kind of client and spend money in their establishment, or, some establishment within their establishment. Here is a short list:

  • FedEx
  • McDonalds
  • Starbucks
  • DC Library
  • Library of Congress
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Maryland
  • Bedford Nursing (which played their part in killing my mother)
  • Prince Georges County, the county where a black male appears to die at least once every 30 days under questionable circumstances at the hands of police, where the police actually dress in modern day confederate soldier uniforms, but the public appear oblivious to it, where the only successful black males that seem able to dine at the local all-you-can-eat are black males accompanying brown-skinned females, and where the front of the major courthouse is actually turned 180 degrees away from Washington, DC, and where though it is a straight shot on Pennsylvania Avenue to Upper Marlboro by driving, you can’t for life, get a bus that goes that way, whereby the courthouse that likes to lock up Black men starts at 8am in the morning but it takes 4 hours by bus to get there.
    [Cc: FedEx, McDonalds, USAG, USA-DC, Congress, Maryland, 4th Circuit]

You can also add your Southern African security guards to that list, because this is not starbuckscup2the first time that I have had an issue with them either. The reason why your white shirt white male security guard/special police officer is so cordial though he has a mind to keep me away from the hotel is because many years ago I know I told a white male white shirt security guard about the Southern African security guards. I am sure you know of the Namibian war, the one where South Africa lost South-west Africa by getting their behinds kicked by black liberators1 with the aid of Cuban troops ferreted into the area through Jamaica. [Cc: State, EOJ, EON, Germany]

Now I do vaguely recall that way back, the President of the United States, Mr. William J. Clinton issued an executive order to deprive the veterans of the conflict who then settled in the United States, arms and regalia, but the President was impeached, so maybe that is why corporations such as yours find it acceptable to make the security guards here – a whole bunch of Southern African security guards who have no appreciation of the Magna Carta, the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, or, for that matter the idea that a Black male of the Western Hemisphere would have the audacity of hope in thinking that it is appropriate for him to poop in the publicly available toilet of a hotel that in their minds is supposed to be available to the other than local “gentry” tourists called guests. So, no, your African security guards, and African concierges will not ever appreciate me. [Cc: POTUS, USAG (ibid), ANC]

But I hold here, Mr. Marriott, that whether it be a Resort on some tropical island such as Jamaica, or, a Hotel in the middle of Washington. DC, or a coffee-shop down the street whose CEO vows to hire undocumented QM242s whether they be of the Hispanic variety or the Islamic variety in the name of Globalist Internationalism damn what the President and his border of countries think, the moment there is a declared acceptance of rights of Guests over Clients in pooping in a publicly accessible toilet in such a commercial establishment, that becomes a threat to civility. But then again, what do Globalists know about civility? [Cc: US-Senate, Angola]

Consider these things.

Verily yours, Radcliffe B. Lewis


Notes: The Fagpire Chronicles is INTELLEXAE’s continuing look at the trans-human agenda through which theosophists are exploiting deviant human sexual orientation in order to systemically de-humanize human beings and eradicate the world of independent-minded sentient human beings, and usher in a slave-labor producing operating system consisting of trans or semi-humanoids.


  • Accosted – To be confronted.
  • Angola – A country in Africa, south of Congo, north of Namibia, by the Southern coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • ANC – Area Neighborhood Commisioners in DC. (The lowest elected representatives in the city).
  • Concierge – A usually well dressed hotel worker who helps roomers and other clients find their way around.
  • Cordial – Polite and respectful in communication – like ‘Officer Friendly’.
  • EOJ – Embassy of Jamaica
  • EON – Embassy of Namibia
  • Magna Carta – The Great Seal of LIberties, signed by the King of England John of England, in the year 1215.
  • MPLA – People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola
  • Namibia – A country in Africa, south of Angola, North-west of South Africa, but once called South-west Africa.
  • Namibian War – A war lasting from 1966 to about 1990, (34 years) where Africans fought for independence from South African white rule and apartheid. Cuba, Jamaica, and Barbados supported the military campaigns militarily (Cuba), as well as logistically and diplomatically. The U.S. Gov’t hated that.
  • OAG – District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General.
  • Oblivious – When someone intentionally or dementedly remains ignorant of things that are happening right in front of his or her face.
  • Patron – Customer, usually a regular customer.
  • QM242 – Members of the line of humans/humanoids who carry this specific genetic marker, notably the majority of Hispanics, Arabians, and Jews.
  • Southern African – Someone from the souther lands of the ‘African Continent’, usually very dark and speaks English with a strong accent.
  • SWAPO – South West Africa Peoples Organization.
  • UMC – United Methodist Church
  • USPMG – U.S. Post-master General

(c) Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP, 2017




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