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We have found the enemy…

… and the enemy is the Established Press:

ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and even ISIS

Aside from ISIS which publishes Dabiq Magazine to recruit the young and dumb over there, the others don’t just relish in publishing fake news, the do better than that; the develop structured fake profiling news.

They take your image and paint you in the worst possible light, then market the negativity about you to raise huge sums of funds.

But my greatest qualm with them of late is their persistent indifference to newsworthy information the public needs in order to really comprehend the negative impact of “globalism”, open borders, and financial treason. These things are not published by the Established Press, instead the are covered up. They distract you with nonsensical news and (in the case of online websites like Yahoo and MSN) tell you in the title of many of their news-ergo-propaganda clips how you should react to the articles they post. For example:

  • Here’s how much Suze Orman say you should have in savings
  • 50 foods nutritionists never eat and you shouldn’t either
  • Hollywood actress tell’s all, “I hope my story will help…
  • Relationship red flags to never ignore
  • Why the Green Berets are the smartest, most lethal fighters in the world
  • Bill Cosby trial: What to watch for next with the jury deadlocked

…and that’s just today.

What people need to know are

  • How many women got raped in Europe today
  • How many females got charged (and maybe even beheaded) in Saudi Arabia for shopping without their husbands this week
  • Whether there is a secret arrest warrant in Qatar for Janet Jackson for leaving her Arab husband
  • Whether the Republican Majority Whip is dead or alive
  • Whether the shooter has connections to any of the thousands of pedophiles the Trump Administration has managed to arrest which the Obama – Hillary – Pelosi regime never did
  • Whether Congress will ever get a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton for

– mishandling secret information
– selling weapons to North Korea
– having financial dealings with Russia
– depriving Haitians of billions of dollars of public charity donation money
– collaborating with seditionists advocating the violent overthrow of the US Government

This is the kind of information we don’t get from the Established Press.

We now need to compile the funding generators aiding and abetting this enemy. This would include Facebook, Ebay, and Paypal. ​

/S/ Radcliffe B. Lewis, Policy Analyst
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