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“A sore subject that is close to my heart.”

Recently I have had several people approach me indicating their seemingly overall dissatisfaction with the way lawyers have been operating. The message below from one such individual pretty much sums it up. (Names and places are redacted for privacy).

4-28-2017           Good Morning,

…We met…yesterday.  I apologize for interrupting your conversation but it was a sore subject that is close to my heart. I have been fighting the bank for 8 years but I cannot get any justice and the attorneys are only interested in taking you money, not winning your case. They get paid regardless. Very distressed by the legal system.  I will check out your blog.          


Here is my reply


Hello Ms. Sanguinetti. No point apologizing. You did not interrupt. You are not alone in considering the issues regarding the structure of the judicial process to be a sore subject. Many people have lost confidence in the judiciary and government as a whole. I get this everywhere. One reason I do the blog is because there is significant dearth of information for those who are deprived of justice and find themselves having to address their issues without putting their confidence in the very lawyers that they pay huge sums of money to hoping to obtain justice.

The War Chest and the Conniving General

One of the most pertinent effects of this is that many people pay out what I consider to be the entire contents of their ‘war chest’ to some attorney, and by the time they figure out that the attorney is taking them for a ride – for whatever reason – they have no money left to pay out to other litigation related professionals such as investigators, consultants, and lobbyist, who are not attorneys, do not aspire to be attorneys, and do not ‘practice law’ . They are not a part of the conversation. It is like walking into battle with a conniving general who has no army.

Rich people have all the other litigation related experts listed above. It is also not very easy to preside over such teams if you don’t know what you are doing.

Combating the Scam of Government Power and Attorney Principalities

For several years I operated as a litigation support specialist, however as it became apparent to me that many people were coming to me after depleting their war chests, yet still submissive to the attorney-at-law scam that government has heaped upon us, I had to back out because without appropriation, the tasks of providing information, strategy consultation, and actual litigation support become unsustainable. As the Bible indicated, you are fighting Powers and Principalities, I say to you now that you are fighting actual Government Power and Attorney Principalities. Look where it has gotten us. To be succinct, Islam is knocking at Western Powers’ footsteps while Reparations are still not paid to Black People even as reigning in on financial corruption seems to be harder than reigning in ISIS. Look at the people at the helm. Most of them are lawyers. Most of them have “esquire’ behind their names. It is a huge problem. Running for office does not help either. You have to raise more money than you probably initially lost. What seems to help is being informed through robust avenues of information. That is what alternative media is about. That is why I have the INTELLEXAE websites.


For me, the cost of providing one-on-one consultation can be exorbitant both time-wise for myself, and money wise for clients. Unless a client is very rich, he or she cannot provide reasonable payment. Reasonable payment starts at $75 per hour to match what governments pay the lower ranking investigators. (Those would be Criminal Defense Investigators). My understanding is (that in the District of Columbia) they get $40 per hour but get up to about 20 cases at a time and the information backup to do what they do. I know. I was one when the voucher rates were $25 per hour.

The good of one-on-one conversation is that the information provided can be very specific to a case. Conversely, the cost of providing overall thematic information to those who care to listen can be much lower and less stressful. The bad is that it is not case specific.

The Value of Certain Information and Self Determination in Relation to the Substance of You

But given that so many people do not comprehend issues such as Political Geography, Boundaries and Constitutions, and Government Structure, as it is much needed, even if only a few people listen, the information is well worth documenting and disseminating. It is specifically the kind of information that people who want to violate your right of self-determination do not want the People to remain cognizant of. It is exactly what they want to lock down in order to blind-side people like you and me so they can eat out our substance. It is way the ‘fake news’ campaigners want to classify as Fake News.

In order to gain an alternative perspective to the legal structure, please allow me to point you to an article that I wrote some time ago: Attorneys v Citizens – The Good the Bad and the Ugly, at

This over-arching issue may not directly address your fight with some financial institution, but I do hope it will assist in some way in providing you a better handle on the situation.

Sincerely, Radcliffe Lewis.



appropriation – The resources allocated for a given endeavor, project, or case.
attorney – A person who appears in court on behalf of someone else.
citizen – An individual who is a member of a nation or a country.
cognizant – Being consciously aware of a series of incidents or events; putting all together.
criminal defense investigator – A person tasked to investigate crimes to support the accused.
Dearth – Scarcity, not enough of a substance.
Disseminating – Distributing; publishing, putting out to the public.
Esquire – A title of nobility: someone training to be knight. Historically “squire”.
Exorbitant – “Unreasonably high.” (Ref: Google)
helm – The place from where you control driving or moving something.
judicial process – The means by which a nation or state establishes and operates its judiciary.
judiciary – The branch or institutions of a government charged with divining justice.
litigation – The actions taken in court to prepare and try affairs enveloped in a filed case.
practice law – The actions taken in court in order to represent someone while engage litigation.
strategy consultation – The actions taken outside the courts to determine how to support litigation.
succinct – Being brief.
unsustainable – when something is not longer affordable and the fees cannot meet the costs.


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