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When Congress allocates money for veterans, where does it really go?

A Letter to Trump Advocating for Able Veterans


Media outlets are all over the place today about the Congress providing some kind of large influx of appropriations for veterans.  How splendid!

In reality that money does not go to veterans, it goes to the service providers who tailor their services so that they can claim that they provide services for veterans.  So they get big houses, big cars, addresses, food, and love lives while veterans must apply and apply and apply for the hope for controlled housing, bus tokens, foodstamps, and persistent surveillance, and if they then happen to get
 a roof over the head, the last thing they get to do is to pull in a lover and have a sex life.  
That is how that works.
Yesterday, I finally obtained my replacement VA ID card that the Department of Veterans Affairs asserted to me was on its way, way back earlier this year or so. They actually sent it. I just got it. What took so long?
Well, the organization that provides the mail receiving service “for free” took not less than 15 pieces of mail sent to me and somehow lost it in-house. Those pieces span a period of time from December 27 to March 8, 2017. Gee how splendid. Now I look like a darned fool trying to choke the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia to a $7 million settlement of surrender death on some lawsuit only to find I am getting choked to mail death. But the staff, “volunteers” and “interns” of the non-profit mail-stop organizaton – ergo indigent-services-off-arm of Montgomery County, Maryland and its incompetent “we provide the service for free” non-profit staff like so many of their kind are sure to have ways to reap the financial rewards of such benevolent work – ergo backstab-and-keep-’it’-homeless hold-mail scheme. Never mind the incompetence. They get paid and I stay looking like a homeless nut job.
Predictive Crime Prevention Profiling
But of ofcourse I must be a nut job, that is what the HUD policy document “Ending Chronic Homelessness – Strategy for Action” implies: that a veteran using certain kinds of services such as a third-party mail-stop, especially a non-profit one, and, who has no missing limbs and are able to move around without a wheel-chair can only be a drug user and a nut. Our wonderful friends, the Chinese, would probably call that kind of profiling – predictive crime prevention. Its not that I don’t use drugs, it must be that I just haven’t been caught doing it yet. As for the nut part, just believe in the credence-lacking Authority of the failed prosecutorial opinion of the U.S. Attorney for DC. They know, that is why they prefer accelerating litigation over settling out after being sued for prosecuting a false arrest.
The Marketing Value of Veterans Benefits for the Benefit of the Veterans
So even though I am an honorably discharged RE-1 rated veteran but not disabled, and I possess a certificate of eligibility for a home loan guarantee which can easily be worth up to $400,000 or thereabouts to the service provider who is willing to provide some kind of roof over the head, after 24 years of keeping that kind of hope alive, that is the last thing that I know I would ever get. With a potential settlement on a lawsuit, coupled with that kind of money gloating over my head, these veterans service providers cannot even find it feasible to provide a mail-stop after I get the third degree of incompetence from an “inter-faith” agency inside a “sanctuary state” that puts illegal immigrants from Guatemala up over and above the timely mail of a citizen-veteran. I have an idea!
Able Veterans Personal Relief and Business Establishment Adjustment Amendment Act
Why not just convert the $400,000 or so home loan guarantee into a tripartite:
  • Line of Credit and Investment Portfolio Trust
  • Personal Readiness Grant, and
  • Business Loan Guarantee (which it should have included from day one but was stripped out of the package without due process)
so that at the very least I can purchase mine own mail-stop and conceive some means to generate that thing that starts with I – I-income. I concede to you that whatever in this idea is not guaranteed cannot be any less guaranteed than the lack of guarantees I discover about the VA Home Loan (cash-cow) Guarantee eligibility program, or, for that matter the Congressionally proposed funding increases not to veterans but to people who claim to support us even though so many of them actually don’t.
Finally, given that the Department of Veterans Affairs has not to this day renounced that defamatory diatribe against us, “Ending Chronic Homelessness – Strategies for Action”, if Congress or you sign on to increases for spending about veterans and I find myself in a lurch but this suggestion is not seriously considered and implemented, I am not the one who the public or the prosecutors should hold as being s certified nut job.
Integruously yours, Radcliffe B. Lewis, Veteran.
© Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP
1…which I call the ‘certified cash-cow guarantee’


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