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Regarding persistent mistreatment of veterans by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Congress of the United States, as well as others, in deference to Hispanics, and in Violation of the Treaty of Paris of 1898.

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The Value of the Oath

A Statement Justifying Inquiry Into the Citizenship Identity of An Officer of the Public’s Trust To: The Mayor of the District of Columbia Re: FOIA REQUEST – 2018-FOIA-04132 Please note the … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Buffer States.

An Open Letter to the President of the United States Regarding Foreign Policy and Military Posture

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No Voice Calls Please!

A Letter to the District of Columbia’s Office of Police Complaints Explaining Why I Don’t Speak on the Telephone NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland The NSA collects and stores all … Continue reading

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Re: Senate Update: Standing Together to Fight Back, Emailed on March 30, 2018 RESPONSE Hello Mr. Van Hollen: The problem with that March last Saturday is they had a little blonde … Continue reading

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Shadow News

A Comment on MSN’s New Report about “The Biggest Lottery Scam in US History” The untold story of how a gaming geek with a checkered past pulled off the biggest … Continue reading

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Do You Speak English – Show Me the Button

via Do You Speak English – Show Me the Button

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Do You Speak English – Show Me the Button

Of English, Incompetent Employees, and Communism If you cannot find the “10” “numeral” – that’s right, Numeral, on the keypad, that is because it does not exist; at least not … Continue reading

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Here is the De-classifed FISA Memo that many in the Congress, as well as the FBI and the DoJ has been trying to hide from the American People.  Click the … Continue reading

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“We may speak to the judge…The public will never know about that corrective action.” (Lightfoot)

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