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MAD MURIEL SAYS $21 MILLION IS TOO MUCH FOR PARADE TO HONOR TROOPS – After stealing $48 Million from a Desert Storm Veteran and his Mother. View print edition August 20, … Continue reading

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Crimson Man – a movie relevance review

What does the American Citizen have?

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The Value of the Oath

A Statement Justifying Inquiry Into the Citizenship Identity of An Officer of the Public’s Trust To: The Mayor of the District of Columbia Re: FOIA REQUEST – 2018-FOIA-04132 Please note the … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Buffer States.

An Open Letter to the President of the United States Regarding Foreign Policy and Military Posture

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Shadow News

A Comment on MSN’s New Report about “The Biggest Lottery Scam in US History” The untold story of how a gaming geek with a checkered past pulled off the biggest … Continue reading

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Here is the De-classifed FISA Memo that many in the Congress, as well as the FBI and the DoJ has been trying to hide from the American People.  Click the … Continue reading

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Shellacking II – The Influence Peddling of the Kingmaker

 A Commentary on the DC 2014 Mayoral Run. W ell Well! Hi again guys (and gals, and gils, and frils, and frals) =-) Guess what, its election time again here … Continue reading

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