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FINDINGS – INTELLEXAE aims to provide information about current affairs that affect public policy and culture.  Findings was born out of my reaction to the second invasion of Iraq (2003), confirming my suspicions 12 years prior that the government intended to do that.  Many Desert Storm veterans were drafted and forced to re-engage the fighting because they opted for an early-out granted to them by then President George Bush senior.  Therefore they never completed their eight year obligation to the military.  Regardless of the initially required active obligated service, all first recruited service members were obligated to at least eight years service on the first contract.  Those who took the early out were granted it under the understanding that their required service obligation date, or date of end of service (EOS) was held in abeyance.  Many of those Desert Storm veterans therefore had to go back.  They were not upgraded in rank to commensurate with their ages, so many of the 30-somethings had the same rank as younger services members in their early twenties, with many people younger than them holding rank and authority over them.  Many had to go back and face their doom.  

FINDINGS seemed to take on a momentum of its own as I documented issues that affect me directly and related them to the policies that both government, and corporations applied on the conduct of business.  Along the way it became obvious that many could not readily follow the details of policy development and related policy action.  I focused on intelligently documenting covered policies by critically thinking through cause and effect, with an aim to cement Truth, not biased prognostications.  Focusing on this methodology, I then sought a simple word to capture the essence if this investigative and documenting methodology, and INTELLEXAE was born.

The FINDINGS – INTELLEXAE brand therefore captures the essence of what this Portfolio is about: the journalizing of reviews of public policy actions that control the ebb and flow of cultural progress and regress of the civilization.    The objective of all this documenting is to be able to map the trajectory of such policies to ensure that both government other organizations remain of service to the people the govern and from whom they draw authorization, by comprehensively informing the public of such policies with the aim of contributing in the highest regard to a robost and develop citizenry.

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